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Favorite Michael Jackson Song..

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Thankyou girls for your kind words.I think today is the first day i havnt shed tears,however i havnt seen anything on the tv today.I feel so honoured to of had the opportunity to see MJ and how many peeps get to give him roses.Im not sure what condition they were in when they made it up on the stage but hey i did it for my special naughty sister.On a happier note we plan to spend a few days in LA before we fly out to Hawaii for our wedding.We will be going to Neverland if the family do open it to the public.Even though i watched the memorial service i still think it hasnt really hit me that hes gone to a better place i guess on the 30th of this month ill get it when im at work instead of at the 02.Again girls thanks for the support.Ididnt mean to make you guys cry xx

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