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Can I bring this into Mexico?

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Originally Posted by gkashmira View Post
Natasha, you are an endless source of knowledge!

It sounds to me that if you have your stuff in it's original packaging and you had a letter you should be fine. To be honest I would be more concerned with your return flight from Mexico into the USA...
I would rather not take all 6 bottles, they're not small. Plus all together they cost $320 so I'd hate to take all that down there and lose it! I was thinking, what if I take just enough to get by while I'm down there and put them in marked baggies?? Natasha, I like your idea about getting a note from her on a letterhead.

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Ooooh, Martin just had a great idea - take enough to last while I'm down there but keep them in the bottles, and transfer the remainder into marked baggies to leave here. That way they will be in an identifiable package and I will have a letter! I knew I loved him for some reason... cheesy.gif


Thanks for everyone's advice!!!!

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