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Hello everyone,


My name is Kymberli and I am getting married next year. We haven't pinpointed a date just yet but thinking about late May to June or October 10th of 2010. So we are not nailed down on a date yet but location is going to be a sunset beach in Cabo!


We want a very low key small intimate wedding on the beach and considering having it at Dreams. Any suggestions or comments about Dreams? We are paying for it ourselves (we have two children) and really want to consider our guests budgets (most guests besides family are late 20's with kids) because we don't want anyone going broke to come to our wedding. Any suggestions from anyone that has had a wedding in cabo? We are just starting and open to any advice or suggestions anyone might offer us. (what is the best time of year, when is airfare cheapest, what is the best beach, suggestions for rehearsal dinner, flowers, music, ect.)


Thank you all in advance! We are happy to be here!


Kymberli Romero & Justin Conlan

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