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Turks and Caicos Hair Salons

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#11 Tropical Imaging

Tropical Imaging
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    Posted 26 June 2009 - 12:09 PM

    Originally Posted by Tropical Imaging
    There are 3 ladies that we see on a regular basis doing hair. For large weddings they work together on some occasions as well.

    In no particular order....

    Maximes....649-946-5093 Genevieve does hair and Ann (from Beauty and Beach day spa located in the shop)does Make-up. I don't have a website for them but have a pedicure scheduled with Ann this week so I'll check on that.

    April's Place...April's Place - Hair - Nails - Skin care on Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands 649-941-3993 April does hair and has a girl that does manicures and pedicures. I can check on make up

    Briget Wildt...bwildt@tciway.tc does hair (use to own Maximes and April worked for her when she first came on island...she now works from home, and does house calls)

    Shenique (649) 245-5241 Sheque Does hair and make up

    Full disclaimer here: April does my hair and has for years, Ann does my manicures and pedicures on island and I don't wear any make up. However....Genivieve and Bridget do the hair of many of my friends (and Genivieve does April's hair...LOL it's a VERY small island) I have seen loads of photos of Sheniques work and she does great work as well.

    We work with all of these ladies, professionally and know them personally. For make up, Ann and Shenique both enhance someones beauty not take over and take a life of it's own.

    For hair, they are all good and not over the top. They all work with a ton of different types of hair on island (the countries population is very international) as well as having to keep up with latest trends and styles. April just got back this week from the international hair/and trade show...my sister lives in Atlanta and whenever she visits she books ahead to get April to cut her hair...I know others who plan vacations to get a touch up by Maxime or Genevieve.

    Hope that helps, our blog usually mentions who did hair and make up for a wedding if you want to do a search for particular names!

    Just realized I called Geraldine, Genevieve....the little one had me up late that night....sleep deprivation....It's Geraldine who is at Maximes/Beauty and the Beach...She's French and a lovely girl....Sorry about that!!!


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      Posted 26 June 2009 - 02:47 PM

      Thank you for your great answers. I think I am set with Friday my Father seems to prefer Saturday but he can pin point why. I just think people are more accustomed to Sat weddings but they all have a 3 day minimum regardless therefore it really doesnt matter and I will have Sunday with any left over guests to go to Nikki Beach Party which I think should be fun!!
      In order to book Ileana do I need to know the time of the ceremony? I have not finalized those details yet we are actually in early stages and currently waiting for our contract in the mail form the Palms and then they will forward me to a coordinator who will help with those things but I would like to get Ileana locked in asap.
      It seems like I should not have many worries about hair that they are multiple qualified people so that is wonderful and when I said trial I did assume I would pay. In the states you pay for any trial also just wondering if this was a common practice in Turks for weddings.
      Thanks so much for your help I am sure I will have more questions of need advice but this is a good start and I will e-mail April shortly.

      #13 Tropical Imaging

      Tropical Imaging
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        Posted 26 June 2009 - 07:48 PM

        You just need to have a tenative date to book with us, we don't double book our photographers on a day so she be scheduled for your day. We tend to recommend setting the ceremony about an hour and 1/2 before sunset to get good light, not too hot for guests and bride/groom and you'll be set for great sunset photos even if you're running a little late. If you go on our regular website vs the blog, we have a sunset calender for the Turks and Caicos....enter in your date and it will give the exact time the sun will go down. Then you can plan from there!

        Sounds like you are way ahead of the ball game with planning...Feel free to ask anything else!


        #14 Krowan

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          Posted 26 June 2009 - 08:30 PM

          So it says 6:22 for May 2010 so I should have ceremony at like 5 pm then right. Then reception usually follows how far behind?
          I would assume like 7 ish would you agree?
          Wow this info is so so helpful hopefully the coordinator at the palms is in the know with many of these things.
          Any suggestions on location for ceremony and reception since I am sure you have shot other brides at Palms?

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