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Moments that Matter Photography - Playa del Carmen Mexico

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Hola all those brides/grooms/mother-in-laws/sisters/friends that are reading this and looking for a photographer for your big day out in sunny Mexico!


I realized that I had not posted an introduction for our business in the vendor marketplace so here we are! We are excited that your considering us to capture you day and hope you love what we do.

Best of luck with everything and keep smiling!!!


Lincoln & Lori


Who are we?


We are Lincoln and Lori, a Canadian couple that has decided to move ourselves and our Wedding Photography down to Playa del Carmen. For us, our dreams of moving to the beautiful Mayan Riviera have come true! We are very excited to be following our passion for photography and warm weather!


Lincoln is orginally from Winnipeg and I am from Regina. Having grown up in the prairies, we were both growing tired of extremely cold winters and wind chills! In hopes of finding the greener grass on the other side, we both packed up and left the -40 degree weather. Our destination being... Calgary Alberta. Sure winter there is milder but... it goes on forever! Being close to the mountains, Calgary is known to snow almost every month of the year. Summer was also very mild, offering maybe one or two days that hit 30 degrees. Those "mild" winters and mild summers were hardly my defininition of better weather.


In our previous lives, we were both computer programmers. Which also happens to be how we met. We worked about 10 feet away in the same cubicle area. As we worked away at our regular day jobs, Lincoln and I found ourselves wishing we had more time to focus on developing our skills as photographers. Having spent a few too many years in the frigid winters and working in an office, we decided to begin a career transition that could bring us to Mexico! We wrote down our goals and aimed to be living in Playa Del Carmen, working as wedding photographers by 2010.We began to spend most of our free time taking photography classes, reading books about creativity, praticing to enhance our technical skills, and job shadowing other professional wedding photographers. As we began to accept wedding bookings in the Mayan Riviera we decided to move our plans forward to March 2009!


How we got here:

When March came around we had quit our jobs, sold a property & two vehicles and liquidated most of our lifes collection of "stuff". We were down to only necessary items that would fit into our fashionable and free '97 Chevy Astro Van. And... so... we hit the road to Mexico, with our entire lives in the van. After 10 days crammed behind the wheel, lacking sleep, and a few vehicle problems, we finally pulled onto the home strech of road to our new lives in Playa Del Carmen!! We had travelled 6000 kilometers to the Mayan Riviera, in our more than jam packed van, with two animals (who hate each other). We finally arrived at our new warmer, palm-tree-filled home... the feeling... Priceless!


Now our dreams are coming true, and we are full time wedding photographers in Mexico! We both truly love what we do and to top it off, what started as a hobby, has now brought us to Mexico! We are extremely happy to have found our passion and sharing it with our destination brides!


What we think:

Not too long ago, little girls would dream of their wedding day as an elaborate and extraordinary event. Those times are changing and couples are envisioning smaller, more intimate weddings, in a location that radiates romance. To me, a wedding is an intimate gathering, where a couple can express their deepest feelings for each other. Vows are exchanged in a setting where they can feel there is nothing else in the world that matters, except their love for each other.


I stood up for my sister at her wedding in the Mayan Riviera and as we stood at the gazebo on the beach all you could hear were the sound of the ocean. It’s amazing how the peaceful, soothing sounds of the waves rushing onto the land can suppress everything else around you. You can truly live in the moment and concentrate on what’s really important in life… each other.


If this is what you've been dreaming, the Mayan Riviera coast is the perfect destination for you.

What we do:


Our photography style is called Portrait Journalism. The name implies a perfect blend of traditional and modern photography, the best of both worlds! Our wedding photography is all about having fun, staying relaxed and telling your story. We are not the photographers who ask you to stop what you're doing and smile. Most of the day we'll be urging you and your guests to ignore us. We merely observe your day and capture it just as it happens. Of course, this does not apply to group or couples shots. During the group shoot, you can expect that we will take charge and guide your family on where to stand, when to smile, etc. During the couple shoot, we work to set you into position while also ensuring you look comfortable and natural in front of the camera.


Since we are both photographers, that allows us to capture the action from two different artistic view points. We're a wedding photography team that works together to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently. The images we deliver will tell the story of your day for you to cherish forever.

We look forward to meeting with you and sharing our passion for photography, creativity and having fun.



Lincoln & Lori



Click the image to open in full size.



Our Website: MEXICO Destination Wedding Photography, Wedding Photojournalism throughout the Mayan Riviera

Blog: Blogging the Moments That Matter

Welcome / About Us Video: About Us - Why we became wedding photographers and moved to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico!!



Click the image to open in full size.

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I second that.... Canada can get really chilly! That is one of the reasons my husband and I moved to Mexico as well. We are based in Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa (west coast of Mexico). If you are ever in the area, we'd be happy to show you around.

A fellow Canuck,


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