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Haha Kelly... it'd be creepy if it did!!!


The only thing about self tanning creams is that photographers seem to not like it... since the orange glow comes out more? I dunno, it's been brought up a few times on the forum. I don't want to glow orange in my bpics haha!! That's totally unsexy!

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Originally Posted by Nini_Bride View Post
Where am I going to go now to get my pasty white self all tanned and gorgeous for the bpics?!?!?! AHHH!

Personally, I am partial to your pasty white self! You just need to put a new spin on it, like "your viscous alabastor self", or "your viscid ashen self", or my favourite "your glutinous achromatic self".

You would think I have time to spare LOLsmile120.gif


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