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centerpieces/decorations... bring them?! HELP!

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#11 Melidell

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    Posted 14 November 2009 - 02:03 PM

    I'm going to stick with what the resort has, for the most part. I know they already have chair covers and sashes and some basic decorations and that's fine for me although I may spring for some more flowers for centerpieces when I get there (if the price isn't too outrageous). I love the centerpieces and extra touches that some of the girls on here are doing, but that's just not me and FI would have a stroke if I tried to lug anything else with us at this point lol. It's easy to see the great ideas that others have and get caught up in them but I keep reminding myself that I'm keeping it simple, I've splurged on other things, etc...
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    #12 Sheree10

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      Posted 14 November 2009 - 06:16 PM

      I understand about keeping it simple. That's one of the main reasons why we are going the DW route. I visted a few catering halls in my area and kept thinking about all of the $ that adds up and with a DW you don't really have to do it all. For example centerpieces for an at home wedding would be around $100 each but with a beach wedding you can do several options.

      In the beginning I decided I don't want to do too much. I don't think we're having floral centerpieces, and we can't do candles since aAruba is very windy. So I may just stick with a lantern at each table and sprinkle some "diamond confetti" for a little sparkle.

      Another thing to worry about relating to decor is having to bring all of these items with you. With the new airline regulations it may make it a little more difficult since you might have to pay for a second piece of luggage. There's a lot to think about!

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      #13 Sheree10

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        Posted 14 November 2009 - 06:19 PM

        Another thing, I sometimes feel like I work myself up too much and need to remember to keep it simple. I don't know about you all but I've been to several weddings over the years and I really don't recall much about what was on the menu, centerpieces and chair covers. It was more about the good time we had at the wedding.

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        #14 jac28

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          Posted 12 January 2010 - 03:08 AM

          i was the same way. the main part of dw is no work right? well i thought of ways to make it as simple as possible. my bridesmaids bouquets are doubling as the arrangement for the table, just by covering a plastic container with fabric which will be my vase. the only thing different is im using battery candles

          #15 Jenna in Jamaica

          Jenna in Jamaica
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            Posted 17 January 2010 - 12:26 PM

            Good ideas everyone. I wanted candles on the tables but I've heard its really windy by the beach. And I would rather not have to transport glass vases. What to do, what to do....

            #16 pamphilia

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              Posted 21 January 2010 - 07:48 PM

              i really can appreciate this thread right now, as i am panicking about all of the "extras".

              we have a very small budget for the wedding, and really need to keep things as simple as possible. if we can get some inexpensive things to bring with us (like $1 chair sashes), then we will...but nothing too crazy!

              we will have our reception in a non-private restaurant and so as much as we can to keep that price down. so thanks too all of those who are in the same boat! i am glad i am not alone!

              #17 vdaybride

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                Posted 21 January 2010 - 11:01 PM

                I was in the same boat. Completely clueless until I joined this forum. What a Godsend this site has been!!!
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                #18 mmshaughness

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                  Posted 25 January 2010 - 03:03 PM

                  One of the big reasons that we are doing a DW is because I truly don't care what is in the center of the table or what color the chairs are - I just want to marry the man that I love and that is what the day is about for me! Obviously I want the day to be beautiful and special, but I also do not wish to spend the time obsessing over little things that really don't matter in the grand sceme of things. I will be using the BM bouquets as the centerpieces and I ordered collapsable Blumebox vases that will be easy to transport. I also plan to have some tea lights on the tables (our dinner will be indoors so I don't have to worry about wind). The resort will provide white chair covers and linens which is perfect since I want to keep things clean and elegant. With such a tropical setting, it will be difficult for it not to be beautiful!

                  The great thing about a DW is that you get to make of it what you want! Keep it as simple or go as far as you would like with decorations :)

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