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I know there is a thread for photoshare questions, but I wasn't able to find one related to the actual instructions on the photoshare card for guests. So here is the info on the website I am using and the instructions for the guests. I thought this may help others as they are trying to decide which site to use and how to word the instructions.


I am using Welcome to Flickr - Photo Sharing . I use it for personal pics and I also set up a separate account to use for the wedding share.



1. Can get pics in Hi-res

2. Can download individual pics to your computer

3. Separate downloadable application allows you to bulk download all your flickr.com pics onto your computer at once (SourceForge.net: flickrdown - the nerd in me found this blush2.gif)

4. Can categorize pics as public, for friends, for family, or for friends and family

5. Has editing software and good bulk editing features for organizing at flickr.com

6. My very non-technically savvy mom was able to easily follow my photoshare instructions to upload to flickr and said it was faster for her.

7. You can order items from flickr.com from various companies (haven't used any of these companies so I can't speak to them)



1. No slideshow features

2. For unlimited uploads it cost $25 for the year, otherwise you only get a certain number of uploads per month

3. No easy way to share albums unless they have a flickr.com account or they are using the login/password provided on the photoshare card


My Photoshare Instructions

1.Go to www. flickr.com

2.Sign in with my login: *********@ymail.com and password:******

3.Click “Upload Photos & Videoâ€

4.Click “Choose Photos and Videoâ€

5.Select the pictures you want to upload. *Please note, you can select more than one photo by holding down the Ctrl button while selecting the photos.

6.Click “Upload Photos and Video

7.Click “Add Descriptionâ€

8.On the right side, click “Create a new setâ€

9.Name your new set using your name

10.Click “Create Set†and then “Save†at the bottom of the page



I was able to fit those instructions on a regular sized postcard from Vistaprint. Hope that helps!!!

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Great thread!! I signed up for both Snapfish and Shutterfly for this photoshare. I LOVE Shutterfly, but what I was concerned about was the fact that it shrinks the photos down and without getting really technical, there was no way to download the pictures easily (for those tech-challenged people). I also have my own flickr account and I like it, so I think I might go with this. The only thing that concerns me here is the limit on the uploads. :oS

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