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All of you T&C brides out there!!!

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HI Ladies,


First let me say everything you all have added has been amazing. I got engaged last October and I have only started planning since I have found it to be overwhelming, and we have had a lot of other things going on. I finally decided on T&C mostly after seeing all the amazing photos from TI.


Now on to picking a resort. I have been thinking the somerset, but originally thought about the sands, as it would be ore affordable for guests. I see some of you have had guests stay else where, how has that worked out? I am just curious if you missed having everyone staying in the same place so you can all spend time together at the beach.


Also has anyone one had any gluten free guest? or special diets? I am gluten free and I am trying to figure out if any place can make a gluten free cake.


Thanks a bunch- This site is amazing


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I know this thread is a year old, but I am hoping I can jump in and get some help.


I am also looking at T+C for Nov 30, 2013.


What is the weather like at the end of Nov in T+C? 


I can see that a lot of people book resorts but have their ceremony/reception elsewhere.  How does everyone get around on the island?  Is it all by taxi or are there shuttles?


So far, I have emailed the Veranda (though I am going to assume they are out of my guest's price range), Royal West Indies (which responded and is within our pricerange), Leeward Resorts (which used to be Nikki Beach, but I have not read anything about either of these on any of these threads and I am wondering why it's not more popular since it looks beautiful), and Villa Del Mar (which had some website issues - kept redirecting me to some sort of spam - but I did get to email them and I'm hoping to hear back soon).


Are there shuttles from the airport to the resorts? 


Who is paying for what for their guests?  I am thinking 2 dinners - a welcome dinner and the dinner at the reception.  Especially since we are probably not doing AI, it's going to cost us a pretty penny. 


Anyone know the price range for dinners at the different resorts?  Do they have wedding packages that include flowers/centerpieces, etc? 


I'm trying to keep my budget at around $10k for everything excluding my and my FI's travel, stay and minimoon.  We're thinking of going Wed-Sun and staying with our guests at the same resort and then we're assuming everyone will leave that Sun, and we will transfer for a mini-moon to a much nicer resort for 3 nights.


What sort of excursions has anyone done or does anyone recommend? 


That's a lot of questions, but there is so much to plan!!


I hope there are still people on this thread :) 

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Congrats on deciding on Turks!  I'm sure other brides will chime in on here in time. 

I just got married on Grace Bay a few weeks ago and have been to Provo many times.  The weather in November is lovely.  I'd avoid Thanksgiving if I were you.  :) 


Certain resorts have shuttle service to and from the airport; others do not.  Check with the resorts in advance.  It is not standard.  Royal West Indies does not offer shuttle service.


How many guests are you planning on having?  We had our rehearsal dinner across the island at a separate restaurant and we decided to have the resort call taxis in advance and our guests paid their own way.  This may not be for everyone, but we decided to splurge on everyone's meals both nights and other details, not shuttles.  Make sure whatever you decide on is well communicated in advance.


Yes, most, if not all resorts have wedding packages, and a wedding planner who will work with you to work with a florist, DJ, band, caterer, chair rental company, minister, and so on. 


It's tough to tell if $10k is enough for your wedding without knowing how many people you're inviting/actually having attend.  How much do you want to spend on food/floral/booze...are you paying for your guests' excursions?  6 nights + travel + feeding all of your guests for 2 nice dinners + shuttles + DJ + wedding package + food & booze + florals + music for ceremony + photographer + hair & make up + finishing touches = more than $10k.  Now, if you're inviting 20 people, numbers change!  It all depends on what you want.  Start getting quotes now and try to stick to your budget.  Be prepared to spend at least $3000 more.  :)


I recommend a private charter (Silver Deep) from Leeward marina to either Ft. George Key or another smaller island.  Great snorkeling and a fabulous way to spend the afternoon with your guests. 


Also, do not assume that all of your guests will leave on Sunday.  We have folks stay longer than us!


Let me know how I can help!  It's all very overwhelming in the beginning.  Don't rush into stuff and take your time.  Most of the decisions are made 4 months before your wedding!

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Thanks so much for your response!!


I can't believe I left out the detail of how many people.  We're looking at about 30 guests.  We want to do a welcome dinner (maybe the beach on the bbq by the kissing fish?) and the wedding/reception, all paid for by us.  We also want to do an excursion, but I'm assuming not everyone will join in on that, plus that's just a maybe -- if we have extra in our $10k budget. 


The budget is not inclusive of our own vacation, we would pay for that separately, outside of our wedding budget.  And we wouldn't be paying for any of our guests's travel expenses.


Overwhelming is an understatement!  My FI and I can't even decide on an island!  I love Provo, I think it's gorgeous and the beach is amazing.  But, he likes Negril.  And the possibilities in the caribbeans is endless!


Why would you suggest not doing Thanksgiving??

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Hi ShaeShae,


I'm in the same boat as you. I am also torn on location. A turks and caicos wedding sounds awesome, but the island does seem a bit more expensive than other DW locations (like riviera maya, which is my 2nd choice). I'm thinking May/June 2013. We were originally thinking Feb 2014, but that seems like the really expensive season in TC. I'm considering Alexandra Resort, but haven't heard much about it. If anyone has any information, please let me know!! 


Also, does anyone know what the weather is like in may or june? I don't want my guests to roast during the ceremony because I would like to have an outdoor ceremony. 

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I heard May/June is high season for wedding in T&C.  Also, I heard from someone who went to a wedding in T&C that it was SO EXPENSIVE for the guests.  She said it cost her and her husband $60 to take a cab to and from dinner one night. 

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Just to give a little info here from some of the questions asked in the past few weeks : 


May and June are peak wedding season here.  Some resorts will start to bring down prices in June, but for the most part it's been fairly busy and steady all season this year.    Our quiet season (or as the locals call it "silly season") is September after Labor day thru to American Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving week is packed usually and hotels will charge prime rates.   The first two weeks of December are quiet and then the middle of January also are quiet before the main tourist season starts.   September through November will have better rates on accommodations, but it is also Hurricane season, I do advise travel insurance on the remote chance of a hurricane during that period.  Other than Beaches Resort, Hotels on island are pretty willing to work with guests who are caught by a hurricane.  Beaches has a hurricane policy but can switch you to a Jamaica resort to fulfill their obligation and the problems that arise with airfare and guests that may stay at other resorts can make it hard if a hurricane comes through.   If booking with Beaches, book with a Beaches travel certified specialist and do airfare with them as well...that makes a huge difference. 


Now, as I said, it is hurricane season, but they are few and far between and can hit any part of the Caribbean.  On the plus side, I find that weather wise, late October and November have great temperature as well as water temps and not as many people on the beach. 


If you want to compare and check on resorts and villas on island I highly recommend www.turksandcaicosreservations.tc (I am not affiliated with them, but they are local and tourists and friends love their service).  Their site lists all of the resorts in one place so you can compare costs and dates etc instead of going back and forth onto different resort sites.  They also have always had any resort promotions/deals on their site as well as a few specials specific to them.  Even if you just want to use it to get an idea on room rates, it's a great resource.


We are a MUCH higher cost destination than anywhere in Mexico or Jamaica really.  Each of these destinations is very different in terms of the beaches/water, the land excursions and the culture etc.   Provo is known as a laid back quiet destination, for people that love the water/beach and water excursions.   There is a little shopping, no tours inland unless you head to North or Middle Caicos and not much nightlife at all.  Most of our weddings are making their own parties really, and just enjoying the time together with friends and family.   We do have really nice restaurants and food so that is a bonus (but it can be expensive).   


If you do decide to tour around the island or want to head out to blue hills/the conch shack or Chalk Sound/Sapadilla Bay: rent a car: they are much cheaper than taxis, we have two main roads that can get you pretty much anywhere and it's not tough to get around and very safe.  Most will drop off the car for you at the resort.


Alexandria Resort is located in between the Veranda and The Palms.  It's a great little resort, with a nice on site restaurant (Mango Reef) and super pool as well as a wide stretch of beach.  My Aunt and Uncle stayed there around Easter last year and the rooms are really nice.   They had a great time.  We've had a few weddings there; Mango Reef has a nice deck just by the beach and it makes for a nice location.  Here is one of them that shows some great photos of the reception and beach set up:




Someone else a little earlier asked about the Leeward Resort and wondered about the pricing.   The Leeward Resort is located in the Leeward channel part of the island near the marinas and in a residential area.  It was built on an area where the old marina was and a man made beach was put in.  It is not part of Grace Bay and the channel the beach is on will have current and be a lot different from Grace Bay.  Getting to anything other than the resort will require a taxi or a car.  NOTHING is within walking distance at all.  That being said, I have heard of a few people staying there who loved it as it is very quiet and the guests seem to have the place to themselves and the rooms are nice.


Weather in May and June tend to be warmer (August and September are usually the hottest most Humid months in my opinion): think summer on the East Coast BUT we do tend to have good breezes coming off shore to cool things down.   I actually found our temperatures 10 degrees or more cooler than the East Coast in Late June early July this year (and the breezes make a huge difference).   When we talk to our brides, we always check our sunset calender and can give you a time for your wedding so that it's about an hour to an hour and 1/2 before sunset.  We recommend that for a few reasons: 1) you and you groom don't want to be too hot  2) your guests don't want to be too hot  3) That time will allow for great warm flattering "golden" light and less eye squinting.  Plus you finish up your time with some great sunset shots.   



I think I covered most of the questions I could answer from the past posts.  It's been a busy season this year for us so I haven't caught myself up.  PM me if you have any other specific questions or ask here!



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  I will say in regards to transportation cabs are expensive on the island. I took at cab to and from the airport and each time was 30.00 per person. So it does cost about 60.00 per person round trip. This time for the wedding I am renting a car. If a large group goes it may also be worth checking out a limo service or car rental service on the island which does airport transfer or if you stay at an all inclusive like Beaches-airport transfer is included.


 For me, I really did not think the island was so expensive but it all depends whats in your budgt and where you are from. I will say shopping at the Groumet Food (market) was expensive. Some items are pricey some are the same as in the US. I will say that if you do not stay somehwere that is all inclusive most of the resorts down there are somewhat like condos even if it is a luxury resort. Some are located within walking distance to many places and you can eat breakfast, lunch or dinner at a reasonable priced spot. But if you looking for a luxury dinner than your going to pay a luxury price lol


I thought the island was beautiful and worth every penny. I personally loved the fact that it isn't party central and it is a place where you can enjoy the time with your guest and there really isn't much happening or going on. So it makes it very initimate unlike many islands in the caribean.

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