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My DIY Hangover/Wedding-Survival Kits *Pics & Templetes*

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These are super cute, but I think I am either doing something wrong or I don't know what I'm doing! The sticker that comes up in Power Point is not the same as the sticker used by the original poster. Am I just a wing nut or do I have to re-do it just using the stick figures? because even the Too Much Fun one isn't on there...Help!! wink.gif

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Never mind, I ended up scrolling through all the pages in the thread and realized that the OP posted the wrong template on page 1. I believe the correct label is on page 8 or 9! Just wanted to let anyone else know in case they were scratching their heads like I was. wink.gif

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Originally Posted by da.shmoopies View Post
Hereâ€s what I did on a Friday night instead of going out. (Fiance thinks I may have gone over into the DIY deep end. LOL)

I had purchased cardstock which ended up being the wrong color. I couldnâ€t return it so I decided to “step up†my Hangover/Weekend Survival kit (I was originally using ziplock bags). I stole the idea of the cute stick people that BDW bride Ayita stole from another BDW bride. wink.gif

Hereâ€s a couple of pics:

Click the image to open in full size.

Click the image to open in full size.

In the kits, I have:
First Aid kits
2 oz. Aloe Vera Gel ($.99 ea. at facevaluesonline.com)
Pepto Bismo ($4.99 for 48 tablets also at facevalues)
Waterproof band-aids ($2.75 for 20 also at facevalues)
Sunblock and Anti-bacterial wipes from La Fresh.

For the bags with a bag topper:
Use plastic Treat Bags from Michaels (5 inches x 11.25 inches).
Standard sheet of cardstock cut into quarters (fits the top of the bag perfect).
Each topper is then scored length-wise (long-wise) in order for it to fold easily.
Put your goodies in the bag.
Fold over the bag
Place a folded note card over the folded bag
Staple the card shut and then put on your labels!

I have attached the labels for the bag toppers and for the first-aid kits. I printed them out on Staples Sticker sheets. I used Microsoft Publisher to create them but I attached them in formats that most people use.

These were fun to make!
what size sheets did you use to print these out?

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Love!! I'm definitely adding this to my list of DIY projects to do :) I'm getting sooo close to finishing our invite/info brochure. I'm looking forward to doing more fun, crafty stuff :)

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