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My DIY Hangover/Wedding-Survival Kits *Pics & Templetes*

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Hi Liz T - We are Wedding Date Twins at the same Resort!  We are getting married at the Majestic Elegance on the 14th too, at 1:30pm at the beach.


Haven't firmed all the details with the resort yet but way cool.  What time is your ceremony and where are you having it?  Also, if someone sends you the templates, please, please email them to me as well, I'll never get to 150 posts...


My email is annavalaveris@gmail.com


Thanks so much!


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I still haven't received any templates and have e-mailed two people.  Soooo frustrating!  I've been on this website for months - I'll never get to the # of posts needed!

My ceremony is at 4:30pm at the Jellyfish restaurant - also on the beach!  I'm sooo excited!  If you see people congregating in the lobby around 3pm - they are gathering to go to my wedding at the jellyfish!   (not sure where your reception stuff will be - at the ME).  We are also planning on hitting the disco later at night - I'll prbly still be in my dress - you should swing by or join us!

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Start a thread about your finished projects, post pics of your dress, talk in the shoutbox, ask for advice about upcoming DIY projects, or pay the $30 to become a sponsor - BDW is worth it!


Heads-up, asking for templates through email is against the rules. Good luck!

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