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Puerto Vallarta Wedding

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Originally Posted by autjo View Post
fojo - thanks for the input. would you mind sharing your pictures from leticia with me? i am having a very difficult time finding a good photographer in pv and every pieece of information is helpful! feel free to shoot me a pm if you want.
You're welcome. I just don't wish for anyone's day to be ruined by bad photography. I don't know of any other photographers that I could recommend, but I can tell you to stay clear of L&A and Leticia!
I am not a nit-picky person, but I think photos that are in focus and don't have black spots on them from dirt isn't too much to ask for. Wish I could be more help, good luck on your search. BTW Looking back on it, here's what I would have done - fly in a photographer from where you're at and offer them the flight and a free all inclusive trip to PV in exchange for shooting your wedding. Honestly, if we went this route, it would have only been about $100 more and we would have had a local professional photographer that we could have had meetings with beforehand and would know exactly what we wanted. In this economy, sometimes people would love a free vacation for a few hours of work.

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I want to comment on one of the replies about L & A Photography. I personally met with them in January to iron out the details of the package we wanted. I found Leticia to be very flexible in meeting our needs. I would also like to share the link to some pictures she took at Dreams VM in April, her first wedding shoot there. The link is Site Title. My daughter's pictures will be online by the end of the week & I will post a link to them as well. We looked at many photographers in PV & determined the quality of L & A was by far superior to the others we saw. Pricey, yes, but sometimes you get what you pay for! Good luck to all you PV brides!! It is such a beautiful place with wonderful people!

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