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How far do you have to book? Plus waiting for the proposal anxiety!

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#11 cowtownbridetobe

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    Posted 11 June 2009 - 08:58 PM

    Thanks very much everyone :-) I will take your advice and look into the suggestions. I really appreciate the reassurance. Early 2010 is important to me because I want to have a 2nd child and I don't want my kids to be more than 3 years apart, so I want to start trying after the wedding....I told him I won't have another until we're hitched!

    Ayita, I am too paranoid to start things like dress shopping or emailing the resorts - I just don't want to jinx it! He did hint a few days before he asked me to show him rings I liked that he knew how he was going to propose and that he's sure no man on earth has ever done it this way. I must say the curiosity is killing me, but good things come to those who wait right? ha ha

    DaniSpence13 - I have a feeling the Paradisus is going to be too much for guests as well, although I like the location better too. We will have some single guests invited and I want to make sure they don't feel trapped at a resort with no nightlife. I am happy with a more low key atmosphere, so in the end of my single friends need to take a longer cab ride to party, fine by me!

    We've always agreed we want to do a DW in the Mayan so narrowing the location is easy. For now I will occupy myself with resort research, maybe start designing some STD's so they are ready to go. Hopefully I can share our engagement story soon :-)

    #12 eloping789

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      Posted 11 June 2009 - 10:45 PM

      Don't worry - we got engaged on Valentine's Day 2009 and are getting married next month. It'll be just under 5 months so I think you've got some time. :-)

      #13 KLC77

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        Posted 12 June 2009 - 12:43 AM

        I think you are still ok. I think we booked our date with Paradisus in May or June for our January 09 wedding. BTW~ my vote is for Paradisus, but I might be biased. lol

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        #14 Destination Scout

        Destination Scout
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          Posted 12 June 2009 - 11:38 AM


          I understand your frustration. We were dating long distance and my fiance had made some comment like, "I want you to move as soon as possible when we become engaged." Since I have school age children my response was, "Well then you'd bettter propose by Thanksgiving or May so that I can give my 30 days notice on my apartment and move the children in a reasonable period for school". On the day after Thanksgiving, he started asking me, so what do you want to do this weekend. He obviously had no plans and I started bawling. When he asked what was wrong I had to make something up. I don't know!!! I guess I'm just hormonal. Poor guy was so confused and thought that I was crazy. He ended up proposing that night, apparently his plans had been ruined because it was raining and he proposed anyways.

          Anyways - you've mentioned that you want a resort and that you want something intimate, private and child friendly. So I'm going to throw an idea out there. Have you considered the private homes in Soliman Bay? Soliman Bay is a beautiful protected area that has been developed by one couple. The bay is protected, so the water is very very calm. The water is waist deep for about a mile out and coral has grown into the area, so it is a fabulous place to snorkel or swim. All of the homes come with life vests and kayaks, cleaning service. For a nominal fee (around $8/person) you can arrange for someone to come in and cook for you. You can either arrange for concierge service to deliver groceries or stop by the Playa del Carmen Walmart on your way into town.

          The houses have different setups. Some are set up as a group of casitas or a large home with many bedrooms. My favorites are Casa Corazon and Nah Uxibal. All of the homes are close enough togehter that you can walk from one to another in a minute, the same as if you were in a resort. But unlike a resort, it is a very private location with very few people.

          You can read about Soliman Bay on Riviera Maya Hotels, Resorts, Rentals: Mexican Caribbean Vacation. You can read about Nah Uxibal at Nah Uxibal in Solimon Bay along the Mayan Riviera, which even has a reservation calendar, so you can see availability.

          Good luck!

          #15 cowtownbridetobe

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            Posted 12 June 2009 - 03:28 PM


            Malisa, congrats on your upcoming wedding! Thanks for the recommendation and it sounds wonderful - but there is no way I would be able to change his mind from an AI resort setting. I want something smaller though because my dad has health problems and having been to one of the mega huge resorts myself (bahia principe coba) I don't want somewhere that is that sprawled out to get from restaurant/pool/beach. Easy accessibility I guess is what I am looking for, or at least a bit more acessible than the huge resort complexes like bahia and barcelo.

            I so know that dissapointed feeling! I am happy he came through for you though :-)

            I just know that in his mind he is thinking it is all no big deal, but I am a planner and to me, it is a big deal. If we can get married before our daughter turns 2 that will likely save us travel expenses for her, since most allow under 2 for free. To me, there are just so many good reasons for February, but the longer it takes him to propose I am just freaking that our friends will have already planned their winter vacations or, worse, another close couple may get engaged and plan a DW before us for 2010 since it seems a ton of people in our social circle have gotten engaged recently. I don't want to have to compete for guests! lol

            Just posting on here has helped me deal with the anxiety and emotion, so thanks very much everyone! And sorry if it sounds like I am whining, I am just so done with waiting!

            #16 JOSIE

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              Posted 12 June 2009 - 11:06 PM

              You should look at the Azul resorts. I think Azul beach is small but still all inclusive and sounds like it'd be a good fit :)

              #17 Jennybell1

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                Posted 10 September 2009 - 04:51 PM

                I can share in your anxiety. My bf's grandmohter was very sick and in the hospital and she asked me when we were getting married and he said in a couple of years. So that means the proposal has to be coming soon. Plus we have talked about it and we know where we are getting married...but still no ring! Im get so anxious about it that I actuallly put myself into a total panic asthma attack. I have decided to just let it happen and when it does, then we will hammer down the date. I have been told that all you need is anywhere from 4-6 months. Luckily with a destination wedding you wont have to scramble on most things bc they will already be taken care of for you. You will have lots of time to book. My gf booked her wedding for 2 months after her engagement and everything went fine and they had it at the moon palace which is a really hard resort to get into sometimes. I think everything will go just fine for you....patience is a virtue...of which I have none too...lol

                #18 Nicolem82580

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                  Posted 10 September 2009 - 06:37 PM

                  Any engagement news yet !??!?! I so feel your pain !!!!

                  #19 vlynnw

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                    Posted 10 September 2009 - 08:14 PM

                    I was extremely impatient waiting for the proposal. He had the ring for over 6 months and yes I knew he had it because the bills kept coming in the mail and it was obvious, I just kept trying to leave it in the back of my mind and pretend I never saw it. The part that I hated though is that he always brought up wedding stuff...like all the time. He wanted to talk about details, and I finally got so mad and told him that I never wanted to hear anything about a "wedding" ever again unless he was going to man-up and put a ring on my finger!! I was sick of making plans and talking about it without knowing when and if it would actually happen. Well a few weeks after that he took me for a romantic weekend for our 3 year anniversary and finally did it! So don't worry he is definitely thinking about it, and it will happen!!
                    As for booking for February, I'm sure it will be possible you'll just want to hope that proposal is very soon, it may be difficult to work out some details without a lot of time. I hope you get your proposal soon and that you can start planning right away!
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                    #20 svetayasofiya

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                      Posted 11 September 2009 - 11:56 AM

                      I think the biggest problem you will run into booking with less than 6 months until the date is finding a photographer. I put it off and put it off resigning myself to the fact that I would just use the resort photographer and just changed my mind this week... after a couple emails I was fortunate to find someone still available. Someone really good too and within my budget. Not trying to stress you but I think that will be your biggest challenge.

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