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How far do you have to book? Plus waiting for the proposal anxiety!

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#1 cowtownbridetobe

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    Posted 10 June 2009 - 09:39 PM

    Hello, first real post! We are not officially engaged yet, but went ring shopping a few weeks ago, so now I am just waiting and getting very impatient. Hoping that some of you can help bring my anxiety down! How did you all deal with your "hurry the heck up and propose already" anxiety?

    How far in advance do most people book their resort? Is February a busy wedding month in the Mayan Riviera? I really, really want to get married in Feb 2010 for a few important reasons. I am freaking out with everyday that he doesn't ask me (inside, obviously I am not going to nag him LOL). I just don't want to have get married somewhere I don't want to just because they have the date available. Am I being silly? Is there still plenty of time to plan a Feb 2010 DW? Thinking only 30 guests MAX, probably more 15-20ish.

    I have been researching and right now Dreams Tulum or Paradisius Cancun are my top picks because having somewhere very child friendly, high end and more intimate (smaller) than say the Iberostars, is the most important to me. Our daughter will be 2 yrs old and I want to go somewhere she will have fun at, plus a lot of our friends and family have kids......


    #2 danispence13

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      Posted 11 June 2009 - 07:21 AM

      When I was deciding for me it was between the two resorts Paradisus and Dream Tulum. I also have 2 small children 5yr old and 2.5 year old. At first I was leaning towards Paradisus...closer to the airport but then I decided Dreams Tulum. Probably the only reason I chose Dreams over Paradisus was it seemed a little more affordable for my guests. I am getting married in Feb 2010 and had booked the date with the resort in Feb. Hope this helps!

      #3 Donie Jordan

      Donie Jordan
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        Posted 11 June 2009 - 10:37 AM

        Have you considered Feb 2011 instead? Trying to get photographers, etc. by Feb 2010 may be difficult at this point.

        #4 JOSIE

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          Posted 11 June 2009 - 11:54 AM

          I have totally been through this and I'm sure a lot of girls on BDW have too!! i was totally impatient with his proposal and at the end had to STOP making comments. Just know that it IS on his mind, and since you went ring shopping he might be trying to figure out how he can make it a suprise since you obviously have an idea.

          But yes yes yes I stressed out hardcore and had a date picked and everything before he proposed. I KNEW i wanted 11-28-09, and he proposed in March 09, and I was still able to find a resort I loved that had my date! So don't worry!

          Finding a resort is the hardest part...if you know it's coming soon I would definitely contact resorts about their date availiability, and there is nothing wrong with having it ready to go when he pops the question. I came to the conclusion that I REALLY cared about the resort and the date, and if that meant jumping the gun on planning before the proposal then so be it. Nobody would ever know anyway! Good Luck!! I'm so excited for you, I can't wait to hear HOW he proposes!!!!!!!!!!

          #5 Ayita

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            Posted 11 June 2009 - 01:20 PM

            Don't worry too much. I got engaged end of Sept 08 and got married beginning of May 09. So it was 7 months, like you have now (or maybe you have more, if it's end of February).

            Most of the resorts I contacted still had my dates - some already had weddings that day but you have several times possible. Also remember that if you really really want a resort thre's always a way - move the date to a week day instead of the week-end for instance.

            I booked my wedding planner 7 weeks before (the hotel one quit and I had to find another one) and she was available. I booked my photographer 2 months and a half before - a very talented one, not too expensive, and she was available as well as another of her colleagues. Even for the dress - I was stressing and ordered one super quickly (like, 8 days after starting to dress hunt !) but it arrived in one month !! With no rush asked ! The alterations only took 2 weeks.

            The hardest part is for your guests to plan... not for you. As odd as it sounds.

            So don't worry - you're still on time. I would nevertheless start dress hunting, and resort hunting, without waiting for the proposal... that way, you will be ready when it comes and you just have to press the button (for the resort - the dress could already have been ordered by thenm as it does not matter if you get married in 2010 or 2011 - you can still order it. Better in advance than too late.)

            #6 Ayita

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              Posted 11 June 2009 - 01:23 PM

              Of - you might want to check into the hacienda Tres Rios. This is where my brother stayed with his two children (4 and 6). My parents also stayed there for a while before moving to our resort. They have great children services, the food is awesome, the resort beautiful. They were raving about it, and they are super picky !

              Here is the place :

              Riviera Maya All Inclusive Resorts | Luxury Caribbean Beach Resort | Hacienda Tres Rios, Riviera Maya, Mexico

              They even do cenotes wedding, for something a little bit different !

              #7 Amarillis

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                Posted 11 June 2009 - 02:48 PM

                I think you still have a lot of time... Now hurry up and get that RING!

                #8 Chanti

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                  Posted 11 June 2009 - 02:54 PM

                  We're getting married at Dreams Tulum in 18 days. He proposed November 17th 2008, and we only started looking into resorts in January-February 2009. We booked Dreams Tulum for June 29th 2009 at the beginning of February (so only 4.5 months away from wedding date). You have plenty of time!!! Especially if you're aiming for a smaller rather than larger wedding.
                  Good luck!!!

                  #9 Gr8ful

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                    Posted 11 June 2009 - 03:09 PM

                    We made our decision for a November wedding in January -- so you definitely have time. I think it is important to be flexible, b/c if you are on BDW and you have your heart set on a vendor, they might be booked on that date (that happened to me). But that isn't necessarily a bad thing b/c there are so many options out there, and you will find something that will work out for you (I was able to -- there are so many great vendors out there)!

                    I'm SO excited to hear about your upcoming engagement! It will happen when you least expect it b/c he knows you are waiting. He wants to surprise you! Let us know all the details when it does!

                    #10 Jojo

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                      Posted 11 June 2009 - 07:01 PM

                      You have definitely have plenty of time...so, don't worry :-)

                      We only booked in Mar 09 for Nov 09. But you're doing the right thing by researching for your resort now!


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