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Does your FI/DH know how much you weigh?

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#71 jk1101

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    Posted 14 September 2009 - 08:58 PM

    Funny that this got bumped up again. My FI actually does know my weight now. I'm on a special diet through a doctor due to a thyroid problem and he came with me to the doctor so was there when "The Number" was announced. It was actually less than he thought I weighed, and the best thing is that he's been super supportive with my diet plan, especially now that he understands that my thyroid has been a big part of my inability to lose weight.
    I think my not wanting to tell him came from my mom, who has been married to my dad for 49 years and he still doesn't know how much she weighs....she says it's none of his business... so I was raised thinking that way...

    #72 Melidell

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      Posted 20 September 2009 - 05:40 PM

      With us it's actually the opposite. I have a rough idea how much FI weighs but he's actually really sensitive about it and has never weighed himself in front of me. He's a big, burly guy and he has put on a few pounds since we met but I could not care less. In my opinion he carries it well and looks just fine. Whenever it comes up I try to remind him that I love him just the way he is, and that he's my "type." Anyway- my point is it's probably a bigger deal to the person who is sensitive about their weight than it is to the other person, you know? I think we make a bigger deal about the things we'd like to change about ourselves than our partners ever would. Just my perspective anyway.
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      #73 TAHOEJENI

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        Posted 28 September 2009 - 12:23 AM

        Sure he knows as he's also my bike mechanic for racing and airs up my tires and suspension. :-)

        Not a big deal to me!

        #74 TAHOEJENI

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          Posted 28 September 2009 - 12:25 AM

          Originally Posted by SusieQ
          My Ex husband was obessed with my weight... it was ok for him to have extra weight on however I had to look good for him. He forced me on a scale ever week and yelled at me about my weight. I became very ashamed of myself and felt very weak.
          When I left him I did gain weight and have kept it on for a number of years... My FI met me at my heaviest and asked me to marry him at 200lbs... I have lost since then however I am still a big girl... My Fi never once ask me what i weight or my size. We live together and he buys things for me to wear and it fits. I am sure he looks at the tags and figures out the size and where i like to shop. I would like to be thinner however it isn't an issue for me
          Holy crap! Glad he's an ex!

          #75 LadyTrunck

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            Posted 28 September 2009 - 12:26 AM

            So true Melidell, neither of us are sensitive about it, and keep a log to track progress etc. but I do know people that are, so it really does just depend on the person...
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