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Need Help with the Myrtle Beach Area- Surfside Beach

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~Hey There Ladies~ I'm looking for a little help. My family is going down to the Myrtle Beach area and renting a HUGE beach house for my Grandmothers 80th bday week, there will be about 20 of us. While we are down there my FI and I decided that since we wanted to do a DW anyway, that would be a perfect way to get it done with everyone together, and we can't possibly expect everyone to dish out for another vacation a few months after that like we had planned (this was all before the birthday bash was planned, but no one really knew yet, its not their fault, and she only turns 80 once right?!).

I'd like to do the ceremony on the beach right outside the house and go to a restauraunt for the reception. With only 20 people I wouldnt want anything bigger or more elaborate, we are very simple. Does anyone know of any restauraunts that have a seperate area that we could have a sort- of private dinner? Or does anyone have any info on that area? This all just got planned yesterday so now im onto a whole different route for planning. (a lot different then an AI in Mexico....)


Help me! PLEEEASE!!!! smile29.gif

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I was at a retreat in north myrtle last month. We had all of our meals catered and it was great. You might want to consider the option of having caterers come to the house. It was really nice to just relax on the patio with dinner & a drink. in the past we would go to a restaurant for the dinner, but everyone enjoyed the in house catering so much more.


our retreat is put together with a small budget, so it couldn't have been that expensive.


But, if you want to find a restaurant with a private room, i'm sure you will. Myrtle is full of restaurants.


I think it's really great that you are being so accomidating to your family. you could always honeymoon in mexico, pack your dress & trash it while you are there.

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