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Happy Birthday MarieSam!

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You guys are too much! This forum is so special to me and you guys are so sweet with all your birthday wishes rolleyes.gif


As for my big plans...not much to report, I'm kinda a dork that way. blush2.gif I have been working like a dog lately and am just having some family over for the Laker game!!! bunny_4.gifbunny_4.gif then believe it or not going to work my usual 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. shift, lol.


Sadly, FI is across the county in Maryland today burying his grandfather who died last week sad.gif It is not the happiest birthday, but we are coping and hoping his grandpa will shower us with love and happy blessings on our wedding day. So all of your thoughts make a girl feel so special wink.gif


Thank you everyone ~ much love to every single one of you hug2.gif

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