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I had a great weekend!

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I had my fiance call Bank of America to discuss getting a mortgage with them (long story, but we didn't think we'd be able to buy a house until the market bounced back and his ex wife can refinance) and they will be working on our pre-approval tomorrow. We found 4 houses online that I'll be looking at next week to narrow down and hopefully Saturday, Dave can look at the ones I still like. We're hoping to close late Sept. Our lease is up on Halloween.

So he talked to his dad and told him about the latest with it. His dad said "Let me know what 10% and your closing costs are and It'll be my wedding gift to you." The 2 stipulations are that it has to be a house and if his wife dies before him, we have to have room for him (He's in his 70s and his wife has had, no joke, 22 strokes)


Today, I woke up after he did and I walked into the kitchen and the whole kitchen was clean and there was a load of laundry in the washer woot.gif This has NEVER happened before!


I got my TTD from my apt. office and it's perfect! I love everything from BCBG though! I posted it in another thread, but a pic is in the link below.


I realized, today, I'm a first time home buyer and will get 8k in Jan. when I file my taxes since we won't be married. Our wedding expenses are basically set from that. Dave really really wants to get re-certified for SCUBA and I've always wanted to do it so he suggested that we do it and do our dives in St. Thomas with part of the money. That's the only thing he really wanted for tourist type stuff besides golf. The rest will go toward fixing up the house or paying down the principal.


Then tonight I was talking to one of my bridesmaids on Facebook and she asked what I wanted her to do with her hair. I said I don't care if you have it up or done or any combination of the two and that I'm doing mine on my own. She said "Oh no you're not! My gift to you is that I'm paying for your hair, nails and pedicure that day. It'll be a good time to relax before everything. I would have had your make up done too but I know you're allergic to some stuff and you don't know what they use!" There was also talk of how she's vain and was definitely going to be having her hair done and didn't want to "out do me". HAHA!


I just really wanted to share my good news :)

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