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Are you getting married Jan 21,22,23 2010?

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My wedding is booked (and confirmed) for January 23 2010 at noon. We were hoping to get a later time (on any of the three days listed in the thread title), however, if we can't we can't, and I'm hoping it won't be a big deal.


BUT I am a little bit worried about sending out my invites.. we have sent save the dates.. but travel space is getting tight (on the plane).. and I feel strange encouraging people to book when they haven't even recieved formal invites. SO i feel the pressure to send out the invites, but I don't really want to send out a specific date and have it change.


SO, I was hoping that if you are booked to be married (especially on the 23rd), could you let me know? The resort said I had to wait 90 days to find out who didn't confirm.. and possibly switch times, but I thought if YOU are on here, and you know you are definitely getting married after noon on the 23rd, that would save me a lot of trouble, and I would just send out my invites with my current date.


Thanks so much!!

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I think I'm going to use the advice my girlfriend gave me, she only sent out the invites to people that were actually booked and coming. The rest of the info she had on her website, that way she wasn't limited to what she had printed. Save the dates have enough info, plus a website, that way you are not wasting $$$ or feel like you are hastling people either.

IF the flight is filling up and people might be taking different ones or alternate dates, indicate on your website and have to TA indicate that your wedding might be moved to any of those 3 dates.

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