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*Always* the new girl...

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Hey everyone!


I'm Tina - a long time creeper -(is that the right word for this?) first time poster! I'm happy to be a part of this (FINALLY!)!


I'm one of the adventurous brides-to-be who's chosen the brand spankin' new Riu Montego Bay to tie the knot. I've been looking at all the Riu MoBay's brides' reviews, and I have to say, May 5, 2010 can't come soon enough!


We ARE getting married on May 5, 2010 after some careful thought. Nah...no thought was involved actually. JAMAICA, HERE WE COME! I've been with the hubby-to-be for almost 4 years now, but we've been best friends for the last 15. There's nothing like marrying your best friend to know exactly what you're getting into!


That's the wedding in a nutshell for now. I suppose I should really get to planning more, so as to not be ridiculously overwhelmed on April 30 (the day before departure). But, I suppose I just took the first step by joining BDW.


Can't wait to get started on this forum! *YAY*

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