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Mazarte Floral vs. Flower Cart

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Originally Posted by Cabo10 View Post

I was wondering if you can share who you are using as your florist. Sounds very reasonable. We are getting married in Cabo this August. We are being quoted $1000+ for 2 bouquets and 5 small centerpieces. Sounds a bit much.

Thank you.
We are using Lola at Florenta. She has tons of great reviews on here and I have enjoyed working with her. You can get in touch with her at:

Best of Luck!

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Mazarte is VERY overpriced and I think the staff is overstretched.  I had my wedding near Los Barriles in November and the flowers did not meet expectations.  I consider myself a pretty reasonable person, but I was really disappointed.  For example, Martha was supposed to provide a lot of lighting because the venue did not have much in place, and the photographer complained the pictures may not come out right because she failed to do so. 


I paid a lot of money too - comparable to the cost of a florist in L.A., and I had to pay everything upfront without seeing a sample of the table decor (she would only send me a sample of my bouquet, which also did not look like we what we agreed to).  I was very disappointed.


I think she used to put a lot more care into her work, but may be understaffed or something.  I would not recommend her based on my experience.  Perhaps if you can see her in person more that I could (only once before the wedding), you'll have better luck.  This is tough when it's a destination wedding!  

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