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Karen I love those necklaces! Today I decided that's what I want to buy for my bridesmaids, I never was gonna pick out their wedding jewelry for them but it doubles as a gift plus it won't all be the same, I want each necklace to be something I know they would love and wear again.

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Oh just discovered Etsy!!!


I'm ordering barefoot sandals for myself and my BM's from this seller:




Click the image to open in full size.


She is such a sweet lady!


I also just recently ordered my hair flower:


Click the image to open in full size.


Here is the sellers info for this:


IslandGirlDesigns on Etsy - Island Girl Designs


All the prices were super reasonable! I am now an Etsy addict smile29.gif

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Hiya girls! Thanks! That's exactly what I decided too! I initially was just going to let them pick out whatever, but thought it'd be nice for them to have jewelry they'd def wear again and I really enjoyed picking out what "fit" each of them. I also thought that it'd be cute if they all sort of went together but don't match (hence the flower off to the side on all of them)


So here are all the sellers (sorry, I should've posted that along with each pic)


1st necklace (orange & turqouise) by Ample Goddess Jewelry

lv2cr8 on Etsy - Designer gemstone jewelry plus size and otherwise


Earrings from Yarrow Jewelry

YarrowJewelry on Etsy - Handcrafted Jewelry by Janet Braisted


2nd necklace (orange crystal w/ yellow flower) from RachelleD. I had to buy this one b/c the seller had named it the same name as the friend I was thinking of buying it for. :) And she was super nice and added a pair of matching earrings for my bm and a "something blue" pair for me! How great! Plus she boxed them up with a cute ribbon/tie.

RachelleD on Etsy - Welcome to the Romantic Garden:)


earrings by Heaven Awaits

HeavenAwaits on Etsy - SimpLe ELegance; with a Wild Imagination Of Gemstones


3rd necklace (green glass beads) from Elle Custom Jewelry. This one came boxed up w/ a pretty ribbon.

ellejewels on Etsy - Elle Custom Jewelry


earrings by Kate Tracton Designs

ktracton on Etsy - Kate Tracton Designs on Etsy, Hand Beaded Jewelry


Hair flowers from Butterfly Enchantress

ButterflyEnchantress on Etsy - Handcrafted Vintage-Inspired Bridal Hair Accessories?


orange ring from Vintage Inspired Jewelry. She also added cute handmade gift tags & the ring came in a tiny adorable silk pouch w/ jeweled handle.

Gingeroni1 on Etsy - Vintage Inspired Jewelry


last necklace (aqua & peach) by Madrin Designs

laktjohnson on Etsy - MadrinDesigns-Experience Fashion Jewelry...Affordably



The quality on the things I've received has been really good & I'm happy with all of the sellers so far. I'm still waiting on all the earrings, the turquoise necklace & hair flowers, but I'm sure I'll love them too.

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Originally Posted by sn0048 View Post
So I completely forgot about flowers but I found Danielle and she is doing custom bouquets, buttonieres, and corsages for under $200 by August! I LOVE her! Here is a sample of her work
Hand-Tied Wedding Bouquet by jdleggans on Etsy

I'm seriously considering getting fake flowers, did you like how they looked in person?

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Ooh I LOVE this thread. I have a bunch I was going to share, but they're already on here - great minds think alike, I suppose. I'll be sure to post more if I find some, which I'm sure I will! =)

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Oh I have found lots of great finds on Etsy...


My monogram in my siggy plus I have one other one she did~seller was DesignsmadeEasy


My garter which I love...not tooo crazy about the seller..not personable at all..mine is gonna say Craps (his fave gambling game) seller was Peekb4


Blackjack and Dice Garter by Peekb4 on Etsy


I also got some pretty dice rings just a fun gift for my girls..will put pics when I get home..not on sellers page anymore...seller was cityvintage..


custom rubber stamps..one is of our monogram for DIY projects & one is a return address stamp..she sent those in my email will post pics when I get in hand...seller was DPaulette....


bridal party bouquets~have pics of mine..the others are gonna be custom made..seller is Croska..she is super nice as well! If you saw my dress then you understand the bouquet!


COUTURE WHITE BRIDE Feather bouquet - made to order by Croska on Etsy


and since I wanted a gobo but didn't want to pay the fancy price...I am ordering one of these for our AHR..seller is ten23designs..


Monogram Wedding Dance Floor Decal Sticker by ten23designs on Etsy

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Originally Posted by Carlitarenee View Post
I actually just purchased ties from another etsy seller: rabbitstop on Etsy - Hand made neckties, scarves, and custom labeling...

They have custom labels on the back side of the tie with our names and wedding date. We are giving them to our fathers for the wedding since our groomsmen aren't wearing ties. The ties are currently in the mail, so I will try to post pics when they arrive.

I LOVE that idea! I can see my dad really liking that! You're so thoughtful!

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