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I'm addicted to shoes, so my bridal shower had a shoe theme. I found amazing shoe note cards on Etsy to use as my thank you cards! I ordered 2 sets of these, but instead of the name, I asked the seller to put "Thank You." I didn't ask for a preview, so I'll see them when they arrive. Here's the link: Personalized Set of 10 Folded Notes Chic Black by swankybristles

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My friend made my jewelry (swarovski crystal bracelet, necklace & earrings) for the wedding, and swarovski crystal hair pins for my MOH, bridesmaid and mom. I had already bought jewelry for my MOH, bridesmaid and mom, but saw this for MOH & bridesmaid and decided these went better with my jewelry & the hair pins.


Bridesmaid: Etsy Transaction - Swarovski Crystal and Pearl Illusion Necklace/Earring Set


MOH: Etsy Transaction - Double Swarovski Pearl and Crystal Illusion Necklace/Earrings


I also ordered pocket mirrors for all of the girls cruising with us, and one for me :-)

Bridesmaids Gifts by SpotlightOnYou on Etsy

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hmmm I am sure this shop has been mentioned already in the thread, I can't remember.


At any rate, I ordered one of these personalized hangars for my cousin who is getting married in Aug. It reads "heather *heart* brian" and it is soooo cute! I highly recommend it for pictures of the dress!


the shop states an 8-10 week production time, I received mine though in just 6 weeks!


Welcome to LilaFrances by lilafrances on Etsy

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