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April 2010 Brides

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Ok ladies - i think this will be my last post before I go. I have had several glasses of champagne so forgive any mistakes -

FI is out with friends now - better for both of us - I need to take a nap!


i can't tell you how much i love you girls -- i don't know what I'd do without you!

i will have tons of pics when i come back -

Tracy and Meghan and Taylor - You will all beleaving gone while I'm away, so i wish you all the best - most beautiful weddings you could possibly have!


Suzy - I hope everything works out with your mom.


Erin - fingers, toes and eyes crossed for tomorrow.


Natasha and Mellidel - I'll talk to you before you go


i hope I haven't missed anyone - i apologize - again...champagne.









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Andi, Thanks!!! so thought full!! Happy Anniversary!!!!!!


Michele, you go girl!!! have a wonderful, beautiful wedding!!!


I'm feeling horrible right now!! (I think I'm starting my period, woohoo I guess better now then later) so I'll have to catch up tomorrow.

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Yaaaaaaaaay Michele! You're already gone now but I know you'll have a fantastic trip! LOVE the champagne post too b.t.w :)


Erin - I'll be thinking of you today as well... you have to let us know how it goes ASAP!!! We're all pulling for you here!!



And I'm sorry... I have to rant just a little bit because I'm seriously having a freak out right now. FI went out with the two groomsmen last night to pick out new clothes and apparently the one GM who started all the whining and complaining about his clothes was being an absolute b!t*h about it and was soooo picky and fussy and tried on at least 50 shirts just to find one he could live with. And this was after they went through a couple dozen pair of pants as well! So FI is back and forth with me on the phone, I'm getting more angry and emotional by the second and he gets ticked off and doesn't bother telling me they're going for drinks! UGH! WTF! He's always good at msg'ing or something to let me know and when he's with these guys he is developing a habit of blowing me off.

Now the big problem I have with these two GM that doesn't make matters any better is that I don't even want them in the wedding to begin with. They're two of the guys who planned FI's bachelor party and you all heard how that turned out. One of them has never apologized or even talked to me since then, and the other flat out told me that as the bride I should never have had an opinion anyways. And now this.

I hate to admit it already but I think once the wedding is done, I will be telling FI that I don't want these two guys in my life anymore which is really going to suck because they're really his only remaining friends from back home. I just can't get over how incredibly horrible they've been through the last month or two and I want nothing to do with them.

I already told FI that I'm glad our professional pics were just going to be the two of us anyways because I don't want these guys in my wedding pictures even! How horrible is that?!?! Having this stupid wardrobe crisis four days before we leave just totally pushed me to my limit and I really just want to be done with all of this now sad.gif


Sorry for the huge vent, I just can't deal with any of this anymore and it really, really sucks!

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i hope you're travelling safe today michele!! i teared up a little bit reading your message... i absolutely can't wait for you to be back and to hear about everything! hopefully you'll be able to enjoy every second of the whole trip and experience!


my stomach is in knots.. the hearing is at 1:45 today and i will definitely post an update when i get home!


meghan, i am so so so sorry that these boys are just causing continued drama. the past DW brides always say that you really learn a lot about people during this whole process, and it sounds like you're no exception to that rule. this is not something you should have to deal with right now and it makes me want to strangle someone for what they're doing so soon before you leave! if it's possible, rest assured that they will NOT ruin any of your wedding photos, and there will be plenty of other, more important people there with you to celebrate with. it seems like we all have our own war stories through this whole process, and you've definitely got yours! we're all here for you to vent, just make sure these guys don't get the satisfaction of taking anything away from what you've been look forward to for so long!!

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hello ladies

just checking in and seeing how everyone is dealing with the last few weeks

Meghan i hope that they dont cause any more drama coz if it was me i would have gotten loud and abusive by now xx


i am getting nervous now as i still have no confirmation about the photographer at the hotel

not sure if i mentioned before that the hotel changed its wedding package and i aparently did not get the package i paid for

the travel agents are supposed to be fixing it but so far all they keep saying is just take the paperwork with you and i am sure it will be fine

i have asked for a letter from travel agents to confirm that i do have a photographer as i dont want to get there and find out i dont

the hotel are saying that they still have not received anything from the travel agents ggrrr

i fly out in less than two weeks and getting a bit panicky now

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