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Natasha - LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress on you! It looks so good - bustle looks good - i'm not sure about the necklace - I think it's too much for the dress - just my opinion.


Bridesmaid dress is pretty too and I love her shoes.


Rings are gorgeous.


I love all the pictures too - I'm still waiting for my girlfriend to send my fitting pictures - i finally got my spa day/shower pics - I'll put that thread up soon.

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Wow apparently yesterday/last night was totally a photo night and I missed out sad.gif I love seeing everything coming together finally!


Tracy - I love the labels you made for your first aid kits! I hadn't seen those ones before I don't think. I got lazy and just left the kits black without any label since SO much of my other items had labels too :) For my hankies, I stole an idea from someone else here and had the woman doing my alterations use material from the shawl that came with my dress (that I didn't even know I was getting!) to make little dresses on the hankie. I wanted to get them embroidered but not sure if there is room on them (she made them a little small) or if I have time left even to do it. I wanted to get Mother/Grandmother of the Bride/Groom on them but we'll see. I still have other material left over so I might try to work something out. That's only a project I'll take on once everything else is done though!


Natasha - your dress and your bridesmaids dresses are really pretty! That deep red colour is very stunning and of course matches very well to your garnet rings wink.gif I love seeing all the original ideas that everyone has had for their rings, including yours! And it is such a great feeling when you know that your dress is really fitting the way you want it to and you don't look at it thinking "if we could just change this little thing" as much anymore. I picked mine up on the weekend and had to hug my alterations lady because I was so happy with it!


I also received my real-touch flowers last night and I'm really surprised by how spongy and neat they feel! For some reason I wasn't expecting it I guess LOL! The lovely delivery man probably got the crap scared out of him by my dog jumping at the door and as revenge he left the box standing up on end so the flower heads got a little smooshed because of it but I think they'll be fine now that they're laid out flat again :) My dog is the biggest lap dog you'll ever meet and if we're home is more likely to lick someone to death - but when we aren't around she really is a wonderful guard dog!!! My broken blinds are proof :)


HAHAHA and I also had FI helping me with some DIY stuff last night. Turns out asking him to cut evenly around an oval shape is not as easy as it sounds. I wound up going back around them to cut off all the angles that he'd left and fix them up a little bit! Because I'm a control freak, I seriously almost wanted to tell him to stop so I could reprint them and cut everything myself but I thought at this point - why bother?!! They're just the name tags for out OOT bags so it's not the end of the world. So we used the self-laminating pouches from the dollar store and sealed them up - all ready to go! I'm just using some ribbon to attach them to the bags before hand and all my ziplocks with the OOT contents are labeled with the guest names as well. It's kind of weird though because the bags are so much bigger than the contents going into them! Oh well - it's all good :)

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thanks everyone! i love my flowers and everything too.. the flowers are real touch and they were arranged by my mom's friend who does flower arrangements and is trying to break into the wedding business! meghan, that spongy feeling is exactly how the orange callas are in mine.. it's pretty neat i think and they are basically indestructible!


natasha, your girls' dresses are beautiful!! and yours is as well. i think it'll look great with or without the necklace.. totally a personal decision. the bustle is gorgeous too. it looks really neat with the way your dress gathers off to the side!


tracy, you crack me up with all of your labels! good for you for setting that girl straight though. if she hasn't booked at this point, what are the odds she will at all?

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Originally Posted by shortnsweet7675 View Post
Tracy, I'm happy you finally got all of your guests booked. Way to go on putting your foot down with your friend. Great job on your OOT bags. I really like your sand ceremony vases, I considered doing that, but just decided to do the candle lighting ceremony instead.

I had my second dress fitting today. My sister had her fitting for her bridesmaid dress today too. I'm getting even more excited now cheer2.gif. I have one more fitting before the wedding. I'll post a couple of pics from today's fitting later, after I get them loaded into photobucket.
Thank you!!! Ah the candle ceremony is just as nice, if we weren't on the beach I'd probably go the same route. I just wanted the sand to represent our beach wedding.

I love love love your dress, amazing pick. It really suits you.You looking stunning and beautiful. You FI is one lucky man.
I really like the BM dresses too, especially the colour.
I can't wait to see your wedding pics, they are going to be beautiful!!!!

Originally Posted by ewok View Post
Wow,your friend is so strange, I mean, up to a certain point you can understand she's making her mind up, worried about prices maybe, but come on! 14 days before and she doesn't know if she can have the vacation time? I have to "prepare" my vacation longer than that (OK, a bit of exaggeration here...) If she doesn't want to come (no time off, money, ...) she could just have said so, or even make a white lie. You definitely don't need this added stress.

BTW, the OOT bag content is again very nice, great ideas, and you did dive in for the labels. The personalized Spanish for Dummies is great.
She really is strange, she doesn't think like the rest of the world lol.
Exactly!!! 14 days, out of control.. she even got married 2 summers ago, so it's not like she doesn't know! I def prepare for my vacations much longer then that, she new she wanted to come. Ah I stop trying to figure her out a long time ago... all of these friends are from when I was a teenager.. maybe a new married life, maybe new friends! (not of all them, just the odd ones lol)
I'm with you,I even ask her, 'I understand if you can't come' she says oh no I'll be there!! So I gave up and told her the WC had enough, it's to close to the date (which is totally true!!)

Thanks so much! LOL yup went nuts on the labels. Me too I like the spanish booklets the most,i'll be also using it lol. I googled 'dummie cover' and I got a template to be able to make my own, so it really worked out! lol

Originally Posted by Melidell View Post
Wow, Tracy, your OOT stuff looks great! I really like your Spanish phrase books and you mugs came out really well. The bags are also really nice. I cant believe your friend kept putting you off for so long. You did the right thing by putting your foot down!

Shortnsweet- I love your dress! It bustles really nicely, too. It looks gorgeous on you- it must be so nice to have all of the alterations done so that you can finally see how it looks. I also really like your engagement ring- especially with the wedding band.

ETA- I love seeing all of the pictures that you guys have been putting up lately. This is so exciting!
Thanks for the support, I think I also did the right thing, who needs that sort of last min stress, ya know.. it's already last min stress!!
Thanks so much for the pleasant comments on my OOT bags. I also thought the mugs turn out good for doing it myself (4 went in the garbage, but heck I still pulled it off lol)

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Tracy- Good for you finally pulling the plug on your friend!! That is just ridiculous to still be wishy-washy this close to your wedding. And you're right, since she's married she should know better!


We totally lied to our guests about deadlines, btw. We have a group contract, so there were definite, set-in-stone dates for payments that had to be met, but we padded those dates by at least a week. Glad we did b/c of all the drama that ensued every time a payment was due. Our guests were none the wiser and it gave us peace of mind.


Shortnsweet- Your dresses are fabulous! both yours and BMs. You are going to look fantastic on your wedding day!

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Natasha - I love the way that your dress bussels in the back, that is honestly the prettiest bustle I have ever seen before!


Tracy - So proud of you for telling your friend to sh*t or get off the pot! Enough is enough, do it don't, make up your mind or make up their mind for them. That crap so gets on my nerves.


2 days to go! All wedding stuff is packed, need to pack our clothes tonight. Here's the list of things that I need to get done:

1. Call TA to find out how our arranged travel in Mexico works.

2. Pick up rx at pharmacy (need to fax copy of marriage license to FI new work first)

3. Determine cost of long term parking at airport

4. Some how get all my stuff together at work so I'm prepared to leave.

5. Bring the dog to fmil house to stay

6. Pick up wedding band on Wednesday

7. Already scheduled mani/pedi on Wednesday, can't forget to go!

8. Exchange shoes for FI for a larger size (I bought him Sperry's and they're too small)

9. Buy bateries for camera

10. Return 1 item to Kohls that didn't fit, and another pair of flip flops that didn't fit FI

11. Get all my receipts together in my wedding folder.


hmm... I guess that's all... I thougt I had a lot more to do than just that. Good to know I can relax a bit!

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Whoo-hoo! FI just called me to tell me that he's booked our legal day! April 23d, in the evening. I thought we were just going to the courthouse but he called a JP to come and do it at the hotel we'll be staying at. I'm so excited!


Michelle- I love the pictures from your spa night. The ones with you opening the gifts in front of your Mom and FMIL are just priceless lol!


Megan- if you get a chance you should post a picture of your flowers- I'm dying to see them!


hoyt- two days to go! Wow! I hope you get a chance to post some pictures up when you get back. Good luck getting those last few things checked off your list.

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Wow everything is really coming together for everyone isn't it!!!

I LOVE seeing all the pics, I have not been organized enough to get any pics taken, although I have gotten a few things done that I should have done a long time ago!!!!!!

SO at least I feel I'm getting somewhere!


Nat - Your dress is beautiful and I do love the added piece you're going to have put on!

It fits you perfect and you look beautiful, I love your sis's dress too, they are very cute and such a great color!!


Tracy - you are def the label queen, although I may be rivaling you soon enough, my printer has been going non stop! lol

I even labeled the baby yesterday - "Badness" and he's living up to the label! lol


Meghan - can't wait to see your flowers!!!! I know I already talked to you forever today, but just so exciting!!!!


Michele - I already posted this on your other thread, but your surprise shower looked soooo much fun and so nice to have, Good job to the FI!!


Mel - that's soooo sweet the your FI booked your legal day to come to the Hotel! that will make everything oh so much sweeter!


Jenna - can't believe you are soooo calm!!!! Congrats for only 2 days to go! Can't wait to see your pics!


Erin - LOVE your flowers, the colors are amazing!!! and your rings are beautiful!!! It all looks sooo great!


Everyone's progress is getting me soooo excited, now just to get my own head out of my A$$!!!!! hehe

Thank God I have Meghan, lol I'd be lost and not a project finished without her!!

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