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Hot sauce favors

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So I had mentioned in an AHR thread that I couldn't figure out what to include on our hot sauce favors. I finally figured out the wording and got them in time for our AHR.


Click the image to open in full size.


They were a hit!


Thanks for everyone's advice on tackling what to include in terms of wedding vs. AHR dates. I had our ceremony photographer take a photo with my camera on the wedding day, so we would have the photo for our favors.

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So glad you guys like them too!


BlakleyBridetobe - I didn't create it, so I unfortunately don't have a template to post.


Prettyhazardous - I ordered them through the company Mo Hotta Mo Betta out of Savannah, GA. On their website you can click on create a custom hot sauce, and then you can send them a picture to put on the label. The turnaround time was really quick.

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