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Love Notes/Emails from your Man - Post Here!

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So, I had this idea for a thread after I randomly got an email from my FI. I'd been telling him about an issue a friend was having. A few days later I got this out of no where:

Hey babe...


I just have been thinking about *name removed* and *name removed*'s issue and I can't help but think that I'm so lucky to have you. We communicate pretty well and don't have any issues that are even remotely close to their's. It's great and such a great feeling to have someone, not only who I'm in love with, but is truly my best friend and who I get along with so well. Also, one of the many reasons why I love you... you're so caring and I love you for caring so much about your friends. I highly doubt any other friend of her's would go as far as you have and are going with helping her in her time of need.


Love you,




it got me thinking....Anyone else want to show off emails or notes your FI/DH sends/gives you randomly? Or even just a cute story about something nice he did for you??

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I like this thread :)


I have many emails but I will just share a story. My FI and I met on July 1, 2004 (His 20th birthday) at a bar... anyways he asked for my email address and asked to meet him at the same bar the next night.. we hit it off really well... but the bad thing was I was heading to San Fran for 4 months of school starting in August... I was coming back to Canada though in September for my brother's Wedding, which he was coming with me to. While we were apart for that month (Aug to Sept) he drove to my home town (about 2 hours away from where he lived) and found a nice big tree in the park and carved a heart with our names in it.. :) When I saw this... I was just bawling.. it was amazing (I will try to find pics!!) anyways so when I got home in Sept. he came back to San Fran with me and stayed there until I went home (he couldnt *legally* work in the US but he ended up working for one of my roommates Dad's for cash).. when we got back we moved in together and the rest is history :)

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My DH is not what I'd consider a generally *romantic* or lovey-dovey type guy but he has his moments.... :-)


I'm at work right now and looking at a post-it note that I saved from him.


One morning he had a meeting in a building not too far from my job and decided to bring me some breakfast and leave it at my desk with the little post-it note that says "A little something to start your day. Love, DH"


Everybody who was at work before me saw him bring it in and couldn't stop talking about it. lol


He knows that I'm a total morning procrastinator and I rarely have time to eat breakfast so it was a special treat.... it was just so cute that he was thinking of me!

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Originally Posted by CrystalM View Post
Click the image to open in full size.

We went out to eat at Macaroni Grill and were doodling :)

Awww.. that's sooo cute :)

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Originally Posted by Dreamy101 View Post
Awww.. that's sooo cute :)

Yeah, he's mushy. I have it posted on the fridge.

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My man is amazing with words and a gifted writer. I have many poems, post its and emails from him that all make me sigh.. I have chosen however to share the poem that he read to me during our wedding reception. (sigh..)


October 2nd 2005

Was the day that I discovered

Another side of myself


Yamille, sitting in a booth

At Café Bar in Astoria


Her voice was perfect

Her smile – after I tripped on the wooden platform that I did not see

Was perfect


She hugged me

And we met

That first time

When I learned at age 30 that there is another side of me


Love, to me, was but echoes and disappointment

Love was fear that “forever†would be a decision to settle for something, someone

Not the granting of a wish, a fantastic rebirth of the spirit

But some logical, cold choice to be made at some point on the trajectory of my life


Yamille taught me that there is something else

Something that I had not considered in myself


She fit in every way

From our first embrace

And every embrace after

She awakened something in me

That had never seen the light of day


Inside me all those years, waiting

For October 2nd 2005


Waiting for Yamille to be sitting in that booth, on that day, at that hour

Knowing that she is the answer

To questions upon questions upon questions



Her gorgeous, dark hair described love

That Love cannot be bought or sold

Her soft brown eyes melted the cold, overcast climate that had settled upon me

Sweetly silenced the past that loved to replay all of the failures

Her voice and her lips answered everything

Because Love, Yamille showed me

Begins and ends

With Yamille


My Love awakened from its resting place on October 2nd 2005

When Yamille and I walked from the Café Bar in Astoria

And I watched her walk

And she looked back at me

And the smile inside me that began

When I first heard her voice on the phone

Rose up through my soul and my heart

And reached my eyes that saw her next to me

Love, was next to me


Was next to me.

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Great thread -

Yamille - I just got tears in my eyes from reading that.


FI doesn't really write stuff to me, but he will send me random texts telling me how much he loves me. The most romantic thing he has done has called me into his office/music room and started playing and singing a love song to me...(If You don't Love Me I'll Kill Myself by Pete Droge)...I burst into tears so hard that he stopped playing because he thought something was wrong.



Having someone sing to you is the most amazing thing ever....he didn't mean it in a dramatic way...he just likes the song.


If you don't know the song, listen to it.


YouTube - Pete Droge - If You Don't Love Me (I'll Kill Myself)

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