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Review - Photographer Michael Maurus/Cancun Wedding Photography

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#181 Simistar

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    Posted 08 November 2010 - 10:09 PM

    Originally Posted by Tammy Host 

    did you ever get the wedding album?  any updates on the company?

    Hey Tammy!


    I didn't order my album through Michael/CWP...(I mean, my package came with one small crappy one that I got)...but my actual NICE album that I'd show people, I designed myself (on Fotofusion) after getting LOTS of help from BDWers with photoshop for the crappy pictures...and ordered through a company that sells flushmounts to consumers:-)

    (link to some pics of it is in my siggy:-))


    There's another girl on here however, who posted just yesterday on a thread someone started about staying away from Cancun Wedding Photography...

    She has NOT received her album...or her pictures I don't think...

    And I think there are a few other girls who didn't receive their pictures...GAH!!! That man is evil.

    So, sounds like he/the company have only gotten worse...kind of surprised they're sill in business after all the posts I've read about couples not getting the pictures they paid for...

    #182 rizalr731

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      Posted 11 February 2011 - 01:27 PM

      I just wanted to mention that I hired Cancun Wedding Photo for my wedding.

      After sending them my deposit I stumbled upon this review and completely frieked out.


      Lucky for me - Cancun Wedding Photography and Cancun Wedding Photo are 2 completely different companies.


      My TTD pics, wedding pics and video completely exceeded my expectations.

      Astrid and Martin were easy going and made us feel comfortable.

      They made the entire experience fun!

      Their package pricing was reasonable as well.



      #183 jessafina

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        Posted 01 August 2011 - 06:50 PM

        I Just want to let you know that I had an equally disastrous experience with him in 08. horrendous.

        He arrived REEKING of cigarettes and proceeded to take a gazillion pics of my dress and my shoes and the rings. Um... do I need 50 shots of my dress hanging on a hanger, then hanging on the couch, then draped on a chair? How about a picture of ME WEARING IT ????? Then he took some terrible posed shots (yes, arms in the air for me, too!) and some even worse ones that I still can't even stand to look at. They are embarrasingly bad. Oh, and he cut the top of my husband's head off in almost all of the shots and tried to tell us that it was very "en vogue" to frame shots that way. He didn't get me with my family or any other standard key shots that you would assume that any wedding photographer would look for. He wasted about an hour with some stupid lighting apparatus telling us that the shots would be amazing and they looked dark and terrible.

        After the vows he insisted on the big group shot. A) He literally YELLED at my mariachis and was quite surly with my guests as well. B) he didn't even fit everyone and everyone is so small in the picture that it's just silly.

        My husband and I had EXPLICITLY told him that we wanted to attend the cocktail hour, but he insisted that he had to get a few more shots (which is when he pulled out is special lighting techniques which failed miserably). I was getting really frustrated and my husband tried to express this on my behalf and MM threatened to quit and it almost resulted in a fight. If you knew my husband, you'd realize how outrageous this is... he's a total pacifist.

        This man is a terrible photographer and a complete jerk. Seriously. I can't believe he makes money doing this. I hate that I paid him money to do this. He was a black spot on an otherwise wonderful day... it still stings and i can't hardly stand to see other people's wonderful wedding pictures. Please, do not use Michael Maurus for your wedding photos, he is a nightmare.


        #184 tsc2012

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          Posted 03 August 2011 - 07:23 PM

          wow, I can't believe that such a bad business is still in business. i'm so sorry you had such a nightmare with your photographer.

          thank you though for sharing!

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