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Another thing to think about is burning a CD for your guests. It doesn't have to be weddingish romantic songs - it's just really nice to get to your room and have some music to listen to (most of the hotels have CD players - check first) while you're on your vacation.


We did our own and we made these very cool labels for them - it was easy and looked professional but cost very little. If you go this route - do yourself a favor and buy the little label sticking kit - it makes it a lot easier to put the label on the CD.


Give these to your guests with some water and crackers in lieu of a welcome bag if you're looking to keep it simple. We had an insane welcome gift package put together by my sister-in-law (included towels, sombreros, all kinds of food and water, etc.). The things everyone used were the CD, water, crackers, medicine kit (aspirin, pepto tabs, etc.), and mini cookies. You can buy the crackers, water, and cookies at Costco when you get there.

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