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Back From PPC wedding...SOME PRO-PICS

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Hello Mrs. Sears,


Well the TTD shoot is early in the morning like at 9am. So not many people are on the beach. But, yea there where some people on the beach and they respected our shoot and some just watched and laughed with us. We pretty much just walked until we didnt see much people on a certain area.


Any question, please ask away.





Severine is awesome.








Originally Posted by TheFutureMrs.Sears View Post
Congrats and your pictures are so beautiful!! I'm also getting married at PPC and using Severine, I hope mine come out just as nice!


I do have a question, where did you go to take your pictures? Is there a secluded part of the beach for pictures only? The only reason why I'm asking is because you don't see anyone behind you in the water and that is acutally one of my worries.

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