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Destination Location with a chapel, beach, fun, and history? - HELP!

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Thanks, @Sspiris!. Unfortunately, I'm not Catholic and we are seeking non-denominational wedding...


6+ weeks of searching and no date no location yet. I've narrowed it down to 3 places (one in Hawaii, and two in Mexico), but FI is totally leaning towards Caribbean - and I can't find any place with a Chapel! I found a couple, but 5-star resorts where we totally won't be able to afford them (and ridiculous to ask our guests).


So, another outcry for help...anyone know of a resort with onsite chapel for NON-DENOMINATIONAL wedding in Caribbean?



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congrats and welcome !


Your quest is a tough one... here are a few resources.


First I think you should try islands that are former british colonies - you'll have more chances thatn with Mexico for instance !


I still found this in Los Cabos (but no pics) :


Churches and Church Services - Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Mexico


see Cabo English church


In Cayman Islands :


Churches in The Cayman Islands


Cayman Islands Churches, Clubs, Schools


Church of God Chapel - George Town, Cayman Islands


In Jamaica : Sandals Montego Bay has a non denominational chapel in the resort :


Chapels Weddings at Sandals Montego Bay


Accomodates 80, not sure how many guests you would have.


Other resources to continue searching Jamaica :


Jamaica Easy - Montego Bay Houses of Worship - Churches


Jamaica Easy - Ocho Rios Houses of Worship - Churches



In Hawai :


Oahu Wedding Locations


Honolulu Non-Denominational Churches in Honolulu HI Yellow Pages by SuperPages




planners in hawai : Best of the Web - What's New in Society For 3/8/2009 For instance I clicked on this one and they have a non-denominational chapel at the bottom : Hawaii Wedding Locations on Oahu. Beach Weddings in Hawaii at Sunset



In St Lucia :


did not find one but these guys say they can find a suitable church depending on your denomination :


Weddings in St. Lucia, St. Lucia Wedding Consultants, Caribbean Wedding Packages



In Antigua :







Otherwise, I found this site. I don't know what it's worth beacuse I did not use it. Basically, you can download a wedding guide per country, and it includes churches and chapels of all faith. So if you're set on a country : example with St Vincent :


st vincent & grenadines wedding info. Get married in st vincent & grenadines & have weddings in st vincent & grenadines. Destination marriage advice.



And... I don't know where you want to go really... so i found this absolutely amazing location in Fidji :


WhereToStay.com: Shangri La Fijian Resort, Fiji Islands Hotel


they have a non-denominational seaside wedding chapel !



Good luck ! I think you need to pick up your phone...

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