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Fearful my parent's room will be right next door to ours!

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Aaaaahahahahahaa! You kill me, Christie! NOT that you thought if this (truly, it's worthy of consideration lol) but the fact that you were worried about asking about it! haha..you sweet lil' thang!


I'm planning on making sure the TA remembers the request, then I'm calling the front desk prior to our arrival to make sure THEY got it right. And if it's not right when we get there? I'll be raisin' a fuss too...right in front of the parents if need be. I have -0- shame. lol

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Ohhh I didn't even think about that! Now you have me wondering how our TA has booked things.

Well, keep in mind that you will be arriving before your guests, so you will have time, i imagine, to speak to the people at the front desk or your WC about your concerns.

Also, remember that the rooms are given out as people arrive and check in, so I don't really think that you will run into a problem if you express your concerns prior to their arrival.

Good luck!

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