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Hi all!

So, I am new to this and this the first thread I have posted. I just started my creations today. These our my magnets that I will be including in my save the dates. In the picture they are not cut out( I haven't had time to by a cutter yet) but you will get the idea. These were so inexpensive to create as well. Here is how I did it:


I used a label template from publisher(see attached) and inserted my pic. I then printed out on paper to make sure I liked the lay out. Then I took the magnet sheets I bought at Pat Catan's($4.97 for three sheets which yields 30 magnets). My next step is to cut them.


I can't believe how well they turned out. It equals out to about $.17 a magnet which is a lot better than the $1.25 and upwards I have been seeing and I think mine are a lot cuter!











Wedding magnets 1.zip

photo 1.zip

photo 2.zip

photo 3.zip

photo 4.zip

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Sorry about the zip files. It was the only way I could get things to upload. This forum is kind of touchy. I couldn't even get my pics to post without putting them in a zip. If anyone knows a better way please let me know.



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