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Wish me luck...going to pic up my dress from FMIL

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I agree with Kelly on this one---- I think part of the reason everything has had so much drama is because Erik hasn't seemed to willing to put a stop to it. His mother is going to keep milking the drama until *he* is the one who puts his foot down and just flat out tells her, "Mom, this is what *I* want, what *Drea* wants and there isn't any more discussion about it. You can either join us and celebrate, or stay here and pout. Either way, I don't want to hear one more word about our wedding unless it's happy thoughts or else you simply won't be invited."


I know that sounds harsh, but it seems like every phone call from this women just throws everyone into a tailspin---- like your whole lives are suppose to revolve around making her happy with this plan. And when she's upset, it's like everyone panics and scrambles until she gets happy again.


You know what that's called? BI-POLAR! Mental instability!


I'll be blunt too--- I don't think the fast changes in all the plans have helped. It's kind of self-induced. The wedding plans have changed 3 times in the last 2 months and this kind of sends the message that you guys aren't certain about *what* you want, so why wouldn't she try to talk you into doing what she wants?


I don't mean to sound harsh---- But until *Erik* sets her straight and stops *letting* her vent on him about your wedding, she's going to keep doing this.

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OK, now I am going to speak to you Drea, as a mom.

What the hell is Eric's deal? Does he or does he not want to marry you? The plans for the wedding have changed and it is begining to look as if he's looking for reasons to pit you and his mom against one-another. I'm really sorry that this is happening to you guys, but it can be stopped. In my opinion, which you certainly can disregard, Eric is a spoiled young man. Aren't kids supposed to leave their parent's home to make a new home with their beloved? AND, as parents, aren't we supposed to allow our children to leave the nest and become independant of us? If this is truly, and I am certain it is, the man you wish to spend the rest of your life with, there will have to be some big changes in your relationship and in his relationship with his mom.

Please forgive me if I have crossed a boundary. I have read all of your posts and I am worried for you. All of you kids deserve a happy beautiful engagement and marriage. This mess is just bull**^^.

OK, I'm done.smile03.gif


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Thank you ladies for your messages....


I'm not sure why Erik is acting this way...but since we are having dinner with them this weekend we will talk.

Maybe after dinner so there is no anger or tension throughout dinner.

It does have to be done.


Erik just doesn't want to have another million people show up or Crash the wedding. This is what he will think will happen, knowing that his family members will take it as advantage for a vacation.


When we do talk to his parents I will EMPHASIZE that we only want his mom,dad,brother, sister-n-law, and grandmother there only and if they have a problem with that then not come.....

I will also mention that we will have a party when we get back, so everyone can come.


We do have to tell his family and we will do it this weekend....I will also tell them that we are going to pay for this and not want them to contribute so they don't think they can invite others....

(in actuality my mom is helping us pay for this small wedding of 15 people)

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Drea, good for you for deciding to settle this once and for all. After all of our tough love, I think you need a smile03.gif


keep strong, this is suppose to be a happy time for you, so tell Erik it's time to get on with the frikkin happiness!!!smile123.gif LOL



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