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Why i need to have a Wedding Planner

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I have a friendly discussion with my friend before to discuss reasons that we need to get a Wedding Planner during

pre-wedding or event day. Looking at the economy now, there are more "going to be groom and bride" want to save

money and will think that hire a wedding planner is an extra expenses. Besides, they will thinking it is a simple

wedding. Hence, no need hire a wedding planner for it. In the end of conversion, my friend told me she still

think it is just a simple wedding which does not need extra hands.


However, i am not agreed with this. Wedding Planner is not going to design a great grant theme or decorations at

your wedding. Wedding Planner is not going to ask you choose a luxury wedding package or help you to gather a big

crowd for your wedding. He/She is the one who always listen to what you need and what you want and adhere it.

Wedding Planner can design a very simple wedding, e.g. a church ceremony comes with food catering party at church

hall, a registration ceremony comes with honeymoon package.


So, what is the purpose to hire a Wedding Planner? From my opinion, Wedding Planner is an advisor or a navigator

for your wedding. He/she can release tension during preparation, assist to source the best wedding vendors under

your budget, find solutions of your problem, advise on problematic customery issues, etc.


Most of people do not believe the stress level and would like to prepare from beginning until end. I believe

those bride who had experience before will agree on what i have said. Even you do not need an official Wedding

Planner, your friends and relatives also will help you during preparation. Hence, they are your part time Wedding

Planner too. If you would like to take away their burden or would like to have some special ideas in your simple

wedding with limited budget, definitely choose a Wedding Planner is a good move.


I would like to hear from other opinions too. What you think? Do share with me.




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For me a wedding planner is a NEED for the day of! I don't want any of my friends or family or myself running around putting everything together and trying to make it run smoothly as well. Also for vendors. A WC probably gets a good deal w/ vendors they use and I dont have to spend tons of time searching for vendors and the best deal.


Also now days a day of WC costs as much as paying a WC for to help you through the entire thing. For us we made room in our budget mostly for WC because of rentals, and not having to worry about ANYTHING on our big day. We can relax and enjoy it and know its being taken care of.

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