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The hard work pays off

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That is so awesome Catherine! How exciting! I can't wait to see Amir on the big screen. It will definitely look awesome on his resume and be such an exciting experience for him.


Where are they shooting? California?

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Well he filmed his movie. Amir was wonderful he did exactly what I thought he would do and that is to take over the set.


Day 1


Arrive on set for hair and make up at 6:30am and Mr Price is saying Good morning to everyone he is cheerful and excited


We have to wait for the rain to past so around 12pm they go on set. M. Knight Shymalan is there and Amir walks over to him, extends his hand, introduces himself, and asks him where would he like him to stand and what would he like him to do.


By the end of the day Amir is friends with the star cast of the film. They are playing tag, he has incorporated himself into other scenes (without permission) and is hugging and sitting on the laps of the female staff.




Amir arrives everyone knows him and hugs him. He gets hair and make up done Goes to set and volunteers for everything.


He will be noticable in the movie and we could not have been more proud of him. Several children refused to go onto the set or just wandered around away from the cast.

Look for him July 2nd 2010 in Avatar thr last airbender. Staring Jet li

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