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Makeup and hair vendors for St. Thomas

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I was wondering if someone could give me some input with which vendor is better for makeup and hair. I have contacted both sugar and spice and Makeup by Kristina and they are both about the same for cost. (Makeup by Kristina a little cheaper) Has anyone used either of these or know of anyone that has before? They both do makeup and hair. Kristina has someone that comes with her that does hair only.



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Hi -


Sugar and Spice did my makeup and hair (plus my sister's hair) last Sunday for our wedding - they were fabulous! Both JeT'aime (hair) and Angelica (makeup) came. They both were so sweet and did a fabulous job. I brought pictures of what I wanted done for my hair and JeT'aime did exactly what I asked for! It was perfect. She even brought leftover orchids from a wedding she had styled earlier that day and added them to the back.


The makeup lasted all night and looked great in the pictures! I had stress breakouts on my cheek and Angelica covered them completely. You couldn't even tell! She even added fake eyelashes to really make my eyes pop.


I thought their prices were reasonable - it was $270 for my hair and makeup plus my sister's hair. They ran our credit card on the spot, super easy.


They were recommended by our photographer (Ashley Photography).


If you have any other questions, let me know!

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Crystal, Thanks for asking this question, I was wondering about this too. Your wedding is the day before mine! Have you decided where on the island you're getting married yet?


FutureEilen, first of all congrats! And good to know the makeup lasted all night. That's something I was worried about with the heat and all

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Anaiah~ Do you have pictures yet of your wedding? Where did you have your reception, ceremony and what not? Who else did you use for vendors? Did you have a wedding cord?


Brooke~ We have decided Lindquest Beach. We are having our reception at Ritz Carlton so that was the closest beach:) Who are you using for a photographer? Do you have a Wedding Cord. yet or are you getting one?


Thanks guys

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Thanks Brooke!


Crystal - I don't have the professional pics yet, but should by the end of this week or next. I'll try to post some of our guests' pictures later today...


I didn't use a wedding coordinator, as we had the ceremony/reception at my in-law's house on Skyline Drive (overlooks all of Charlotte Amalie). I was able to mail 2 big boxes of decorations and other stuff to them in April, plus we brought down other decorations in our suitcases.


I'll write a more formal review of everything soon, but here's the short version! Let me know if you want more detail about any of these vendors. Overall, they were EXCELLENT. Many of them had worked together on weddings before, so there was absolutely no tension and they coordinated well. Warning: This will be long...!



Photography: Ashley Photography Ashley Photo VI

Ashley was awesome - she was efficient and just pushy enough to keep everyone in line, but super friendly. She wasn't intrusive at all and really blended in with the event. I love her photojournalism style of pictures, but she also includes some posed pictures.


Catering: Modern Saute' Modern Saute

AMAZING food. We did a buffet of lots of smaller dishes, instead of served entrees. Guests are still commenting on how great the food was...which is what we wanted! Ched and Jon were really helpful and their staff (servers + bartender) were great. They even set up my decorations for me!


Cake/Cupcakes/Desserts: VI Desserts VI Desserts in Saint Thomas USVI

We had an 8" cake to cut and cupcakes for the guests. It worked really well and then we didn't have to worry about having the cake cut and served. The cake and cupcakes were both lemon cake with passionfruit filling and vanilla buttercream. REALLY good. We bought way too much, but everyone loved it. Super moist cake and cupcakes. We also had lemon bars, bittersweet turtle bars, macadamia nut chewy bars, snickerdoodle cookies, and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Everything was amazing


Florist: Forever Flowers Forever Flowers

Flowers were beautiful and reasonably priced. I brought flower tape, wire, and ribbon from home and made the bouquets myself (I worked at a florist for 3.5 years in hs!). I just did a bouquet for myself and for my MOH (she was my only bridesmaid). I got roses, but they also offer tropical flowers. Order 3-4 weeks in advance for bulk, not sure on arranged.


Makeup/Hair: Sugar and Spice Artistry Sugar and Spice Artistry

As I said before, they were awesome! Eye/face makeup lasted all night, but it also wasn't very hot when we had our event. The location at the top of the hill/mountain also helped with a great breeze. We had pictures at the Marriott around 430pm, which could have been really hot, but it got cloudy right as we started (which was a life-saver!).


Guest Transportation (Hotel to Ceremony/Reception): Air Force 1 Tours Air Force 1

Reasonably priced and on-time. We had 2 safaris (max 50 ppl) on the way up and they did two single-safari trips for the way back, one at 11:00pm and one at 11:45pm. Super flexible and really friendly!


Ceremony/Cocktail Hour Music: Guitarist Chris Robbert Chris Robbert Music

Chris was great - he blended in well and brought his own amplifier. We told him which songs we wanted for processional and recessional and let him choose the rest. He has a wide range of songs to choose from.


Dinner/Dance Music: we used speakers + iPod

I highly recommend putting in lots of sing-along songs! We had everyone out on the dance floor. A wireless microphone also provided lots of entertainment! Half the night was impromptu karaoke - super funny and entertaining.


Guest Accommodations: Marriott Frenchman's Reef, Laura J was our room coordinator

Laura was incredible. She fixed any issues we had and was available for anything we needed during our stay. She even upgraded us to a suite! Love her. Marriott was the perfect spot for our guests, it's in a great location, provides a ferry to town ($6) and has 2 great pools + beach.


Bar: We had a connection through Matt's dad for the alcohol/mixers. We bought other supplies at Cost-U-Less (Costco-type store down there) and brought compostable cups from here Eco Products: Welcome for the drinks. We "rented" a bartender from Modern Saute for the night, but provided all the other supplies. A friend of ours took over the bar at 10pm, after the bartender was done.


I know I probably forgot some vendors...hope this helps!

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Crystal - We don't have a wedding coordinator as of now. We've been going back and forth about it - but we haven't really decided exactly what we want yet! I've been chatting with Sherri *Weddings The Island Way*, and she is awesome! As for a photographer - we've got someone coming from NY with us. If that falls through though... I'm thinking about contacting Gary Felton. Are you staying at the Ritz too?


Anaiah - Great, helpful reviews! I may just be PMing you soon!!

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For make up I would recommend Make Up by Kristina, Kristina Pearsall. She's the best. Hair totally depends on your hair type and texture. As a suggestion, it will be warm and most likely humid. Also plan on some breezes. Just fyi for whatever hairstyle you choose. Eric Johnson of Paradise Pictues (St. Thomas, St. John, Virgin Islands, Caribbean Wedding Photography by photographer Eric Johnson) is the BEST photographer. VI Desserts makes the best cakes. I would use Blooming Things for flowers. Lorna, the owner is great and will give you something simply amazing within your budget. There are some great bands like P'Your Passion, Cool Sessions and Spectrum. We had P'Your Passion at our wedding and they were a huge hit.

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Thanks for the awesome review! My Wedding in St. Thomas is in 5 weeks! YIKES. I'm so excited but also nervous about not having much control over things. I have Sugar n Spice doing my hair and makeup so I'm glad you liked them so much- did you use your own makeup or theirs? Do you know what kind they use? I cannot decide how I want my hair...I really want it mostly down and wavy with the front pulled back, but I'm worried about the wind being too wild and making me a frizzball!


Our guests are also staying at the Marriott- Our wedding will be at their gazebo, and then reception at Havana Blue, followed by a tiki beach party outside Havana after dinner so that we can have music and dancing. (With 40 people we are too small to buy-out the restaurant so it won't be all ours for dinner) Elizabeth is great to work with from HB by the way.


Has anyone used Blue Glass Photography? Our flowers will be from Bloomin Things, and cake from VIDesserts.


Anyone have any good advice on a booze cruise type sail for our guests?

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