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Boudoir Question for Photogs

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Boudoir is so much fun! You're going to love it!! Victoria's Secret catalogs are also super great for inspiration. Especially their newest stuff, it's super classy and beautiful!! Good luck!

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Check out Boudoir Divas as well! They have some awesome inspiration!! I recommend coming up with a list of 10 different ideas you would like to do. Of course, you probably won't do all 10, but if your subject doesn't feel comfortable with a pose, you can move right along.


I shot a fun boudoir idea a few weeks ago. I'd be more than happy to share!! lol. I went to staples and bought a white binder and some paper and colored markers. When I got to the studio, as I was setting up, I had her draw on the paper things like, Mrs...blah blah. You know, like when you were in high school and used to scribble your first name with the last name of the guy you were crushing on? I thought it was cute.

:) Feel free to steel it, if you like it.


As far as what they should wear, their outfits for the honeymoon are obvious, but I also recommend she bring two shirts from her fiance's closet. A work shirt, game jersey, t-shirt, jacket....anything will do. Guys love seeing their girls wearing their clothing. lol.


High heals in a neutral color and also a fun color are usually a great idea. Also, find out what she likes to do in her spare time. If she plays guitar, have her bring her guitar. If she loves to paint...do something with a canvas and paint brushes. I love shooting boudoir!! It's one of my favs....


Good luck and have fun!!

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