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Is this a bit bold for TTD??

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Thanks girls!! I did buy it and will probably wear it for the welcome dinner, that is a great idea. Also, I had no idea that wearing the real dress would be ok for trash the dress!! I would think all kinds of sand would get in it msnwink.gif

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Originally Posted by ashey063009 View Post
A girl on one of the FB blogs actually said that her real dress came out CLEANER once she did the "pool portion" of her TTD. As long as you aren't doing anything that might rip it, almost everything is dry-cleanable. :)

That girl was ME!!!! lol!!!!

As you can see in my siggy - we went in the pool after the ocean -- it was a great way to rinse the sand out of my dress.

I am a huge advocate of using your real dress!!! mine came out perfect... and as Ashley said... cleaner than when I started!!

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