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hi there! i am new to this board but i was looking for a wedding chapel or catholic church in Cabo that accomodates approx 150 ppl...any recs? TIA!!

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I just got back from Cabo yesterday and was looking for the same thing! There is one Catholic Church iin the area, it's located in Jose del Cabo (about 20-30 mintues from the hotel zone) and I believe it's called Iglesia de San Jose. There are pictures posted somewhere on this forum, or you can always do a good search for it (that's how I found photos). I didn't particularly care for the church for several reasons, but mainly because it didn't have air conditioning and it was almost 100 in Cabo this week! I would highly recommend that you go to see the church in person.


The other place I would recommend is the chapel at the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar. It's small, but beautiful. The staff at the Shearton has fit up to 110 people in the chapel, but said they could accomodate up to 150 by setting up some chairs outside of the chapel (there is a sort of patio there). The downfall of the chapel is that the Catholic priests in Cabo will not marry couples anywhere outside of the chuch - I've been told that's a Mexican diocesan rule. However, my family priest is willing to marry me anywhere I would like (it doesn't have to be a church), so if maybe your priest would be willing to do this too. If not, I've been told a minister would marry us with no problem at the chapel.


There are a few other chapels in Cabo. Capilla Josephina (which is in Jose del Cabo near the church), the chapel at the Palmilla and the chapel at the Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach hotel. The last two are esepcially beautiful, however they are all small and would fit around 40-50 people from what I have been told.


Let me know if you have any other questions. I have pictures of the church and chapel at the Sheraton if you would like them. I can either upload them or send them to you via email this weekend.

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HI there!!


There is a Catholic church in San Jose just 15min drive from Cabo that has an english speaking preist, also there is one in Cabo but I believe the ceremony is performed in Spanish (I could be wrong on this). Also some of the resorts have a chapel onsite, there is a beautiful one at the resort One and Only Pamilla.


Check ot my website I have a pic of the church in San Jose

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