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Bavaro Princess Punta Cana

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Well, we have finally made a decision and booked our date: 2/2/10

So Excited!


The Photographer is also booked - thanks to all your awsome suggestions and recommendations we decided to go tieh Photo Souveniers - Severine. I love the Trash the Dress session and am actually going to buy a lesser expensive dress for this (Is that what most do?) I just spent a lot of money on my dress and don't want to totally ruine it. Let me know that you think...


I do have a question about the marriage translation though. I'm sending in all the documentation to (WEDO .:: Taking care of your legal documentation for your Dominican weddings) to have them do the translation of our docs but after we are married and get the marriage lisc in the mail will that have to be translated in the US in order for it to be legal? Will is come in Spanish from DR?


Either way...I'm pumped.


Still working on the information packets...what a lot of work. Oh well making headway!

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Congrats on booking the resort and photographer! I think those are probably the most important things to book, so once those are done, it's smooth sailing from there! I'm not doing a TTD session, but I definitely would buy a cheaper dress for it. I wouldn't want to ruin my wedding dress either!

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