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"So You Think You Can Dance" Summer 2009

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#231 ~*Kathy*~

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    Posted 26 June 2009 - 07:02 PM

    Whew! Just caught up! Carly you're welcome haha!

    I caught that Cat thing too and thought it was weird, maybe she gets to know who is eliminated too?

    #232 Jessica

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      Posted 26 June 2009 - 10:01 PM

      Ok, I am finally watching the elimination episode thanks to DVR and will post as I'm watching.

      Aww, how cute were those little kids?! I honestly thought they were all going to be a lot younger than they were because of Cat's reaction, I was "eh" about the older ones but the little boys were adorable.

      I thought it was amusing when Nigel made Toni state who of the bottom 3 she wasn't surprised about. He seemed a little aggressive with his "Name names!" demand. I can't blame him though. She annoys the crap out of me.

      I enjoyed Kaitlyn's solo the best although Karla gets points for using a Radiohead song.

      I heart The Veronicas so it was cool to see them on the show even though I usually don't pay attention to 80% of the musical guests.

      FINALLY!!! Asuka is gone! Good riddance Little Miss Stuckup.

      I'm glad V and Jason made it through. I was pulling for them over Jonathan.

      #233 beachbride08

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        Posted 26 June 2009 - 10:06 PM

        I'm glad Asuka got the boot, and I knew they wouldn't keep Jonathan. I haven't really been a fan of Vitolia, but not sure if that is just because I disliked Asuka so much. It'll be interesting to see how he does with a new partner. Mary is totally getting on my nerves this season. I never cared for the screaming in the previous seasons, but she has been over the top this season. It also seems like she is always saying the same thing. I didn't catch the Cat slip up, but it doesn't surprise me that she would be in the loop of who was getting the boot.

        #234 Scott-Pierre

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          Posted 27 June 2009 - 05:05 PM

          Originally Posted by lauren
          mary murphy is driving me INSANE! i've been dvr-ing the show and then ff through everything she says! i'm also not really invested in any of the dancers...probably won't be until the top 10 - then it's really exciting!
          LMAO! I do the exact same thing with my DVR! I can't stand her voice or that damn screaming! I can't even take her critiques seriously! Is it just me or is her nose getting smaller and smaller every season?? She needs to stop it with the plastic surgery and the fake and bake! UGH!

          #235 Scott-Pierre

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            Posted 27 June 2009 - 05:08 PM

            I forgot to mention that I loved the opening number to that Pitbull song! I love Tabitha and Napoleon.. hope to see lots more from them this season. They are by far my fave choreographers!

            #236 Ayita

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              Posted 27 June 2009 - 07:31 PM

              Originally Posted by LC_Rachel
              I heard that too and was like "Oops I guess he's not going home." Then I thought maybe I read into it and she just meant since Asuka is going home, she and Vitolio would be separated whether he went home or not. Asuka's answer surprised me though. Were her and V starting to crush on one another?

              But I agree with everyone- it was time for Jonathon and Asuka to hit the road. They were not developing.
              At first she said she was not atracted to him, but soon it changed haha !

              It seems that I'm the only one sad to see her leave... I liked her. Maybe because she comes from a Latin Dance background so I can identify (I myself have danced salsa for years, teaching, doing shows, etc... although not "ballroom" style, more "social" style). Anyway, it's kind of difficult, you have to chose and to keep the best... and it's true the others were better.

              Mary annoys me too, so much ! Yesterday I was commenting to DH (before reading this) that she looked so ugly because her nose was so small... he thought it was primarily her mouth but I told him, if her nose was not so small her mouth would not look like this !!! Lol.

              #237 Ayita

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                Posted 27 June 2009 - 07:38 PM

                So do you guys have favourites ? (May not be the best dancers... just faves...)

                I really love Melissa... hope she'll win the whole thing ! And I think Kayla is an mazing dancer.

                For the guys - my faves are Ade and Vitolio. Granted, Evan and Philip are awesome too, but they are a little "limited" to me.

                Maybe I don't watch the show witht he same eyes like you girls ! It's my first season. DH was really into it and got me to watch this year. Last year we were not living together so... did not get to watch, and the year before I was not even in the States yet ! So it might make me see this differently.

                Although I do agree that the singin performances suck and Mary is annoying !

                I also really don't like this choerographer (forgot his name) with the red hat, that got 2 awesome couples to the bottom 3 last week... seriously, do the judges realized that maybe, the choreographer is the guy to blame here ? His routines were annoying and not doing anything to make the dancers shine... no winder they end up bottom 3 even thought they are quality dancers !

                #238 ~*Kathy*~

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                  Posted 27 June 2009 - 08:23 PM

                  My favorites are also Melissa & Kayla and Ade & Vitolio! :)

                  #239 Scott-Pierre

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                    Posted 28 June 2009 - 12:42 PM

                    My favorites are Melissa... b/c she is 29 and kicking ass! Its nice to see someone my age working it up there with those younger kids. And Vitolio... he is so cute, I love his personality! I also like Evan and Phillip but like others have stated they are limited and I doubt they will make it all the way. I also like the Cuban girl from Miami, I think her name is Jeanette or Janet? I just hate her hairstyle.... :/ Its hard to keep track of names this year. This far into the competition, last year, I knew everyone's names. Its just not the same...

                    #240 ~*Lisa*~

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                      Posted 29 June 2009 - 02:25 PM

                      Not sad to see either of them go!

                      As for my favs, I don't have any yet! I don't like this season as much as others in the past.

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