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"So You Think You Can Dance" Summer 2009

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Well nigel said it AFTEr Janette was voted off.. he said now he was able to say that she was his favorite..and yah, they arent swaying anyone this season apparently!

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I loved Janette and was really surprised that she was gone. I also don't really care for any of the guys left. If I had to pick, I like Ade the best, but I really don't care one way or the other. It's more that I don't think Evan should win, and Brandon kinda bugs me. Since Janette is gone, I reallllllly hope that Melissa wins. She has been pretty flawless the entire season. And it would just be cool if a girl finally wins! And i just really don't want it to be Kayla.


I think this season has pretty much sucked. But I blame that more on the choreographers then the dancers. The dancers have mostly been good, but the routines are nothing like they have been in the past. Shane Sparks used to be my FAVORITE and I haven't been too into anything he's done this year (although the Jason and Kayla zombie one was pretty good).


Oh and I also agree that they should get rid of those slow dances that never win any votes!

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Thing is, ballroom is such a HUGE component of professional dancing, it wouldn't be right to keep it out.


FI gets irrationally mad at all my dvr'd reality shows and home shows. I'm like what's the diff? there's tons of room on the DVR for it (nothing else is on in the summer!) and he's away for 3 days of the week, so I watch it all then. He's silly!

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ok so here's my weekly review/big-ass post!


Let's get down to business!!!


Boys group dance (choreographed by Sonja): I loooooved this! Ok, Sonja is so crazy and out there, she is by far one of my fave choreographers on the show. I thought the boys did a fantastic job of this weird, Willy Wonka-inspired dance. Brandon and Ade definitely stood out as the stronger dancers. Evan did a respectable job considering he was so far out of his element but that doesn't change the fact that Brandon and Ade are better dancers, period.


Girls group dance (by Sonja again): I thought the concept for the dance was a cute idea (superheroines), however, when I was watching it I thought that it had a lot more superhero posing and a lot less actual dancing. It was a cute dance and the girls did a good job but I don't know....it just didn't seem like a lot of dancing to me. What do you all think about this one? I'm kind of conflicted about it! lol sad.gif


Jeanine & Ade (samba/hiphop) - I know the judges were bagging on the samba routine hardcore but I kind of loved it. I thought Jeanine was definitely a hot tamale in that dance! Ade did well too but I can't say that I paid him much attention because Jeanine was literally stealing all of it! She got in to the sexy character role that I don't think I've seen her do before and she did it well. Good for her! Their hiphop number choreographed by Nappy Tabs...that was freakin' awesome! I love that they managed to incorporate those boxes in to it, they made it even more interesting! I loved the part of the dance where Jeanine was doing those intricate moves between Ade's legs (ok that sounded perverted but you all know what I meant! lol). The end of the dance was too cute with the little sad faces on the boxes too, too funny!


Melissa & Evan (broadway/quickstep (aka Kiss of Death lol) - I wasn't really feeling the broadway dance tonight. I mean it was cute and everything but I guess I expect a lot more at this point and didn't feel like they were giving the audience more. I actually got kind of bored during the dance and started randomly googling stuff lol. Anyway, it was danced fine enough by both Melissa and Evan but wasn't memorable for me. This is just my personal opinion but Melissa got kind of screwed this week because she pulled Evan's name, sucks for her but I don't think it'll be the nail in the coffin...or at least I hope it won't be. sad.gif As for their quickstep, I thought it was vastly more entertaining than their broadway routine. I was really surprised that Evan was able to spin Melissa around at the end of the dance...impressive (for him anyway)! I know the judges weren't fond of M & E's quickstep but like I said, I think they did it enough justice.


Kayla & Brandon (contemporary/disco) - I enjoyed their contemporary dance tonight, I thought (personally anyway) that Brandon stood out more than Kayla although she did well too. It's not my favorite dance of the season but it was definitely one of the better dances of the night and I thought it was beautiful. Ok, so their disco was like...super praised by the judges but I didn't see what all the fuss was about. It was good but it wasn't the best disco in the history of awesome discos like they made it sound. I still enjoyed Brandon and Janette's disco from a while back much more than this....blah. I did a lot of disagreeing with the judges tonight. Anyway the disco was ok for me, that's all.


So here's my guesses for the eliminations tomorrow!


Bottom four dancers:




Going home (God, I hope this is right! lol):




What will likely happen because voters/teenage girls are strange haha:


Melissa/Evan eliminated (but I really hope this prediction is only HALF true)

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lol carly, I agree! Great job Kathy, as per usual! cheesy.gif


Ok, so it's like top 6 and I'm STILL NOT IMPRESSED WITH THE DANCING!!!! WTF?!?! I mean yeah, there's some good/great dances (a random few really) but for the most part, the show is boring me. I did really love Jeannine tonight and agree with Kathy. I watched her more than anyone last night. I think it's her personality that draws me. Can Kayla be anymore boring?!? Man, she needs personality here.


Anyway, the show was ok for me last night, but I could have passed on a few of the routines. What I really did love was the way that Nigel did his last comment. lol it was too funny jumping around and dancing. I wasn't expecting that so I laughed my ass off!


I'm really hoping that Evan & Kayla go home tonight but I'm afraid that they may send Melissa home and maybe Ade instead?! Yikes, I wouldn't like that too much, but whatever! It's basically a popularity contest now.


That's all I have to say for now! I'm sure I'll think of more later! lol

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Great review Kathy!! I personally thought all the dances last night were so MEH - i was not impressed at all.


If Even doesnt go home im boycotting the show...well not really but seriously he needs to leave

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good review Kathy!


I really like Jenine and Ade's first dance...I even rewinded it watched it twice!


Ok totally agree with you on the bottom 4...however I have a feeling Kayla is not leaving. OMG..the news here in Denver last night had an entire segment on her again (she is from denver) they reposted her voting number and all that jazz (although I am sure every news station in each dancer's local city is doing that?)


ok so anyway, my guess for going home tonight is Melissa and Evan (I am gonna be real pissed if it is NOT evan!)


I still heart Jeanine a lot...she is just such a good dancer and so darn cute! She is my pick to win it!

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