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Night mare site visit!!!!!!

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#1 Gina

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    Posted 19 May 2009 - 10:18 PM

    I just got back from Punta Cana last night and could not wait to get to the computer and tell you guys what happened during my site visits. First of all we decided to go down for the weekend because we recently changed our wedding plans from Mexico to Punta Cana. We are both police officers and are on a strict budget. I highly recommend if at all possible,to splurge- go visit the place that you plan to marry its important !!! The place that you are asking all of your friends and family to attend. I e-mailed the WC's in advance and set appointments. I read really good things about the Bahia Principle, Ocean Sand, Riu Palace, Majestic and Iberostar so those are the resorts I set out to visit. The only way to visit is by taxi, even though the resorts are relatively near each other. A taxi ride cost me anywhere between 10 -20 dollars each way. That wasnt the problem, trip advisor did mention how expensive it was to taxi so I expected that. I arrived at the Bahia Principle on time and the security was extremely rude because we were not wearing the Bahia bracelet. The language barrier was such a problem that he had no idea what I was talking about. I wrote the WC's name on paper and he had no idea who she was. The guards made us get out of the taxi and wait outside in the heat for about 30 minutes while they made calls to whoever. They were talking among each other and we couldnt understand what they were saying .We were very much intimidated. We got back into the taxi and drove away. My next appointment was at the Majestic. You would not believe we had the same problem!!!! at this point the taxi driver could tell we were frustrated and he intervined. When we finally got on the property the WC who I had made the appointment with, said that my appointment was on Monday. I told her it was not because I was leaving Mon morning. She was SOOO rude and nasty I could not believe it!!! I told her I got on a plane from Chicago to visit the resort and to decide if I was going to have my wedding there and you are refusing to assist me? She said that she was busy and wouldnt be able to accomodate until the following day. We walked out. On a good note, we had no problems at Iberostar, Rui Palace and we stayed at Ocean Blue so no trouble there. So after a long and taxing journey (no pun intended) we have decided on the RIU Palace Punta Cana.

    #2 tamadana

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      Posted 19 May 2009 - 10:23 PM

      Oh my sorry to hear about "taxing journey" but thanks for the info...and congrats on choosing!!

      #3 damaris

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        Posted 19 May 2009 - 10:43 PM

        Well glad to hear that you decided on a resort other then Gran Bahia Principe. I went there for a wedding last November amd although the resort is beautiful, the food was horrible, and I was not the only guest complaining. Let's just say that whenmy FI and I got to the airport we were so happy to see a Wendy's. LOL


        #4 Tilly in the Sun

        Tilly in the Sun
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          Posted 19 May 2009 - 10:46 PM

          oh wow sorry to hear about your tough times, but at least you found out sooner than later!! I have heard so many amazing things about the RIU's. Congrats :-)

          #5 msbriss

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            Posted 19 May 2009 - 11:20 PM

            Thank you for this information.It really is an eye opener and I'm sure many brides will find this useful.

            #6 Jenamie

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              Posted 19 May 2009 - 11:52 PM

              I'm so happy you went to check it out first hand *hugs*

              #7 La Romana Stacey

              La Romana Stacey
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                Posted 20 May 2009 - 12:23 AM

                Wow that sounds awful! But the resort you picked is really nice. Good thing you found out now and not later!

                #8 khomac

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                  Posted 20 May 2009 - 12:24 AM


                  Refusing access is normal. I had the same problem. I was just glad that they do keep us tourists safe inside.

                  I was going on the resort just for photos however the manager didnt tell the guard that we were coming so we were not on his list. Please dont blame security, it's managements or the wedding co-ordinators. Like yourself, I had to sit outside for 40 minutes while my fiance ran around the vendors looking for phone cards so we could call the manager at the Majestic.

                  Luckily my fiance is Dominican and speaks spanish and was able to communicate, but we still had to sit outside the gates and have all the tourist busses stare at us lol

                  The guard refused to help us and even told us that the manager wasn't there that day which was a lie.

                  anyway, we should be thankful the guards are doing their jobs but be frustrated with the lack of communication that sometimes goes on.

                  I'm sorry you had such a terrible experience. And I know exactly how you feel.

                  I hope the Riu is magical for you that that you have a fabulous wedding!
                  Kelly & Pablo

                  Michael and Phil Steingard are located in Ontario, but travel to Punta Cana quite often during the year. There is a good chance they will be down already during your wedding week, so this will cut travel costs

                  #9 joshfrommontreal

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                    Posted 20 May 2009 - 06:09 AM

                    I am sorry to hear about your tough times, and Its great that you found a couple places to accommodate you.

                    This is a great lesson for other brides looking to do the same thing. If you do not speak spanish then bring a translated note or letter to show security guards and front desk personnel. Security is very tight without a bracelet which has its benefits and disadvantages. I often have to go from resort to resort while down there and I find that having a bracelet from another resort on your arm confuses guards even more because they don't know why you are coming to their resort if you are at another.

                    Like I mentioned though, traveling with a translated letter of intent, a smile, and lots of patience (I usually add an hour or so to my travel time for this sort of thing to happen) helps me out a lot.

                    #10 kate.com


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                      Posted 20 May 2009 - 08:34 AM

                      maybe it was ment to be! It sure cut the list down in a hurry:)

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