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laura b

I finally found some OOT bags and goodies

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Originally Posted by laura b View Post
I'm really torn between sending the OOT bags out ahead of time with luggage tags and welcome letter or having them as a welcome gift when people get there.

If I send them out ahead of time, it might cut down on double packing for some people, and then they have space in their suitcase for it when it's time to go back home. And then I will still have something small to welcome them with at the hotel (though I don't know what).

If I give them out at the beach, it might be a nice surprise, but people will probably already have beach bags, sunblock, etc. But I would save on postage.

Is it tacky to just drop the bags off at people's houses on the doorstep if they live locally?
I'm having some of these same thoughts- such as, they'll probably already have sunscreen, etc. So far, I have Koozies (well I don't HAVE them yet- they're ordered and better get here!), a small deck of cards, a first-aid kit, and I think that's about all. I'm planning on getting some large cups (found some at the Dollar Tree that I'll probably get), chapstick, snacks, and right now, can't think of the other things (need to go to work soon!). ANYWAY, I guess I'm focusing on items that they don't have. I also might put something on my welcome letter like "Amy and Kevin have extra sunscreen, immodium, aspirin, etc. if you need it." I just don't think all of my guests would use that stuff, so don't see a need to put 1 per bag- if that makes sense?
I also thought about delivering here, but if I stick with my plan of what's going in there, then I can give them out there- which I think really is the whole point of it.
Just my thoughts!

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Man - I wish the dollar stores around here were as good as yours!! I love the bags...they are soo cute. Since we have sooo many guests (~80) I am just doing a gift bag sort of thing that are in the shape of flip flops. Now I wish i could do a beach bag like that one....smile105.gif I swear I am going to drive myself insane!

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