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Woooooooooooot I'm so happy for Jordan!


I think she is a bit standoff-ish with Jeff just because it's on TV. She seems to be really afraid to get "intimate" because of the cameras and I think that's sweet. She probably had a weird reaction when she saw him because when they asked him about Hawaii, he had a coy answer and was like "depends if she wins or not" which was a stupid thing to say. I think once the cameras are off they'll be OK. We'll see I guess. Or at least I hope we see...they will maybe fade into oblivion after this!


I'm so glad Natalie lost - what a loser. Jesse voting for Jordan was the best thing EVER!

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I'm soooo happy Jordan won!!! The best part of the WHOLE season, was when Julie showed Jesse's key and it had Jordan on it!!! EEEekkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!! The look on Natalie's face was amazing!!!! lol


I hope Jeff and Jordan stick it out!! They are way to cute, But.....the summer showmances on Big Brother never last. sad.gif


Remember Boogie and Krista (I think that was her name) He poped the question to her the night she was evicted, and they arn't together.


Ah well, its good entertainment if nothing :)

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First of all - YAY JORDAN!!!! I am thrilled!!!!


I don't really think that her & Jeff will "survive" outside the house. We have to remember that she is only 22 and he is 30-something. While Jordan is so sweet, and her & Jeff looked so cute in the house, they are fairly obviously not on the same page maturity-wise in my opinion.


I also don't think Jordan was purposely dissing Jeff at the end of the show - I just think that she gets flustered & easily distracted. Plus it's the first time seeing her family in months so obviously they come first!!!


SOOOOOOOO glad Jesse voted for Jordan - I think that was my favorite part of the WHOLE season!!! cheesy.gif

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YAY! I am so glad that Jordan won the final HOH and then the WHOLE thing!! :) I was literally cheering in my house. And when Jessie said Hakuna Matada to Jordan, I was like OMG...He voted for which means Lydia did too and then she had Jeff and we al knew America voted for her...SO I knew right there...YAY


In her interviews Jordan is getting the Jeff Question alot...She keeps saying that they are talking, and they are going to see where it goes, but the distance thing is going to be hard. HOWEVER...All of BB11 are going to Vegas for the Reality TV bash this weekend...So they will be there together :-)

Jordan also said that when she finally got to her hotel on Finale night, she called Jeff so they could talk and he was sleeping, but he called her Yesterday morning and they had a nice talk :)


Natalie is STILL lying in her interviews!! This girl is delusional. She keeps saying, well I don't know how much you saw but this is what really happened. Clearly she doesn't know how much the live feeders see. AND get this...She says the fact that Jessie didn't vote for her proves how much he likes her, since he was OBVIOUSLY bitter because she got engaged, so that was his revenge on her...He didn't vote for her...LOL She really is idiotic!! She also said she knew he wasn;t going to vote for her so it wasn't a shock...Yeah right! LOL

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I think Natalie might be due for some psychiatric help! Yeah, that's it, Jessie didn't vote for her because he's sad that she got engaged! Give me a break! That girl is CRAZY!

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Originally Posted by Mel&B View Post
Hey PhillyBride,

Do you have the wrap party gossip/video for us?! :)
I do have some gossip, so here it goes....

For whatever reason, There was no Official Wrap party this year! (WTF?)
However, There was a Big Reality TV bash in Vegas Friday & Saturday night. Not only were TONS of BB alumni there from all prev seasons, but all of Big Brother 11 went, With the the exception of Kevin & Natalie.

Real Player, which is the site that gives us the live feeds, showed live footage from both party's in Vegas on Friday & Saturday night. If you had the superpass (which you needed to see the feeds) then you could watch.
I watched what I could on friday night, but they were having technical difficuties for a while and it was annoying. But it was also cool to see the party in full swing.
Jodan came over and thanked her fans, she also started talking to Chelsia (BB9) and was saying how this woman came up to Jeff in the airport and was about to faint at the site of him. It was a pretty funny story.
You can tell that Jordan & Jeff are really surprised at how much they are loved.
Jeff also came up and Howie (BB6 & Allstars) came over and gave him a Big kiss on the cheek..LOL I love Howie!
I didn't watch on Saturday night, but Apparantly,James Rhine (BB6 & Allstars)saved the night when he took over doing the interviews (I have no idea who was doing them before him, but they were apparently horrible)
Anyway, it was here that Jordan & Jeff came out & said that Yes, they are officially a couple now and are going to see what happens. YAY :)

Everyone was in good sprits. Even Danielle Donato (Evil Dicks Daughter) and Jen from BB8 were hangin out and there is one pic of them hugging and having a good time. For those of you who don't know, on BB 8, Evil Dick HATED Jen and Danielle wasn't too fond of her either, especially because they both had an interest in Nick. After that season ended, Nick & Danielle went out for like a month , then broke up. Not long after that, Nick & Jen wound up in a serious relationship for about 2 years. They recently broke up a couple months ago.
(I have no idea where I store all of this useless information in my brain..LOL)

I have seen alot of the pictures from everyone's twitter accounts.
Apparently Jessie & Lydia are still together and they may even be a little serious.
They both posted pictures of a little trip they took to Disney land, while they were still in California. They genuinely looked happy. Hmmm.
It was said though, for those who watched the WHOLE live feeds of those parties, that Jessie isn't liked very much from the past BB houseguests so it was a little tense for those around him during the events in vegas.

Ronnie & His wife were there. She is cute, but she looks a little weird, almost like a female "Geek". I guess her & Ronnie are a match made in heaven! :-)

I also seen some of Laura's pics and there is one of BB10's April (remember her and Ollie had sex all of last season..LOL every chance they got. They were together for about 6 months or so after the show, then they broke up) well at one point, april took a pic with laura, but she had Russell's hat on...Hmmmmm...LOL

Anyway..I can try to post links to some pictures when I get home. There is an interview on Real Player tomorrow night with Jordan & Jeff and a couple "Surprise" guests. The interview is in Seattle and being done by Chelsia (BB9)

If you want to know anything just ask, I have read tons of interviews and ETC :-)

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