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My crazy weekend! - will post pics on Monday :)

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This weekend is going to be so hectic, but a lot of fun!


First, I am not a picky bride, according to my MOHs, I have not had any bridezilla moments (yet)! I just figure que sera sera! But the craziness that is this weekend might just push me over the edge. muscle.gif


Anyway, this weekend, 2 of my oldest friends are driving 10 hours just to see me & to attend my Bridal shower!! How great is that?! They will not be able to make another drive down for the bachelorette party, so we are having a pre-bachelorette party Saturday night! shots.gifsmile29.gifshots.gif


Oh and on top of that… My parents are driving 14 hours to come too! And my mom seems to finally be excited with all this wedding stuff. They are actually going to see my dress for the first time too!bunny_4.gif


To top it all off, my SIL and her mother are hosting a Baby shower for the new nephew. I am a little disappointed that they monopolized Saturday afternoon (it would have been much better to have a bridal shower + pre-bachelorette party on Saturday back to back – since mine involves a bit of drinking ). But she “must†censored.gif have her shower on a Saturday …

Regardless, I am escaping early because my 2gfs from out of town are not invited to her shower, and I obviously want to spend a lot of time with them, since they drove all this way!


Oh and I have a hair trial too in there and I have appointed another gf to by my Hair Manager! Where I am going to find the time to do all this?!

I am ridiculously organized; I have emailed the 2gfs, my hair manager, and my parents my schedule… lol blush2.gif


I will post pics after the weekend and my hangovers are over wink.gif

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