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OMG Jen it was more then I could have ever imagined!! We both said we're so going back for our 5 year anniversary, but we're gonna fly and stay this way we can explore the island. We both wanted to relax the 2nd day, so we went back to 9 Beaches and hung out so we really didn't see anything!!

The Bermuda shorts was my only bridezilla moment. I HAD to have them!! It wouldn't have been a Bermuda wedding without them!!

Oh here are the pictures I have posted from some of our guests. I set up a shutterfly page.


The password is - carderwalczak

I can't wait for my pro pics!! I should have them by the 26th at the latest. I made sure Bruce knew we needed them for the AHR.

I know, there is just not enough time to do everything in so few days. We're hoping to go back in the next couple years, the island really left an impresion on Timm!

You needn't have worried too much about the Bermuda shorts, they're pretty much required attire for local weddings, for the minister not to show up in them would have been quite the faux pas! Ours wore bright red ones, loved it!

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