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another resource for planning destination wedding in MX

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I wanted to share with you guys this website I found (sorry if thisis a repeat post--but I haven't seen it on here--not sure how I came across it, somehow through my crazy searching for a destination!)

Wedding Directory - StrayWeddings.com - Destination Weddings in Mexico


It has a huge list of all the hotels, resorts, villas, ect that typically do weddings in Mexico. Then under each hotel is shows general hotel pics, and wedding pics. Some of them also have wedding pics/videos uploaded from past couples. Usually they have that you can download menu options and get wedding package information for each place.

If you search articles it also has most intimate rated hotels for weddings, best luxery hotels for weddings & top all-inclusives for weddings too


Hope this can help somebody out!! We've been having a heck of a time deciding...everytime we sit down to actually choose a place, we just end up ADDING places--everywhere sounds so great!!

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Thanks! Great summary website! Tons of info, hopefully it can help me decide! (Doubt it though.......)

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