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Should STD announce AHR?

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#11 VioletVol

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    Posted 01 June 2009 - 02:13 AM

    We definitely put both on our STD. I felt that most would only care about the AHR--I sent these to everyone and let them decide on what was best for them--wedding, reception or both. I don't think it is effecting who is traveling. Those who could afford the trip, time off work, and didn't have other vacation plans are going to the wedding. I couldn't find a good way to word it on my STD, but I thought it would be clear since most people knew my plans since I talk to most everyone. But I did get few questions about it. I can't get the pic to work, but its here.

    This was a postcard from VistaPrint. The website link is on the back. I also did some magnets from Vista that I gave to close family.

    #12 midnight24

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      Posted 01 June 2009 - 02:39 AM

      my question is for anyone who can answer is...what if we aren't sure we are going to do an AHR before we send out the STD's? is that ok?

      #13 SheriB

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        Posted 09 November 2009 - 04:38 AM

        Originally Posted by cilly_girl
        We did our invitations as boarding passes as well, We had the front page as our main ticket with details of the destination wedding week and then put info about the AHR underneath, there was a tear away strip for people to send back to us that said passengers names and whether they will be accompanying us to mexico or whether they will be attending our AHR or both. The next page was our AHR info and the third was our mexico info, they turned out great. I havent noticed any fewer people coming to mexico because we are doing an AHR, I think alot of people want a reason to go on vacation and a wedding is perfect. And to do it all together saves on alot of work
        Your invitations sound amazing! Did you create them yourself or buy the template somewhere? It sounds exactly like what I have been envisioning!

        #14 futuremrsgoodrich

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          Posted 15 November 2009 - 02:03 PM

          Our save the dates were by email, though we sent out our (true) invitations to the DW 4 months early (which we had to do to because a few people didnt have email)... In our invitations we included a card that announces the AHR and then the response card had 3 lines
          _ wouldnt miss it to Jamaica
          _ wouldnt miss it to the USA party
          _ Can't make it (but we'll be thinking of you)

          Thats how we handled it :)

          #15 wpsmith623

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            Posted 15 November 2009 - 02:15 PM

            I think that you should go ahead and put it on there. If people can go to Mexico, they will. Who would pass on an opportunity like that if they can afford to go?

            #16 hockeymom97

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              Posted 15 November 2009 - 04:48 PM

              Like others have posted, we included our wedding web address on our DW STD. When we sent out our STD magnets for the DW, we did not have details for the AHR nailed down yet, but we included information on the web site that said something like - we understand that unfortunately not everyone will be able to celebrate with us in Jamaica, but that we'll be having a second reception one we return home, so that hopefully everyone will be able to celebrate with us. We also included that we didn't have a set date or location, but that it would be somewhere towards the middle of June (because that's about all we knew at that point). Then once we set the date and location for the AHR we sent out another STD, just for the AHR. I know 2 STD's may seem like too much but for us, it was just the easiest way.

              Originally Posted by midnight24
              my question is for anyone who can answer is...what if we aren't sure we are going to do an AHR before we send out the STD's? is that ok?
              There's nothing wrong with that - if you don't know, you don't know. But I would recommend letting people know as soon as you do figure it out. The more notice you can give them the better.
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              #17 trobin01

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                Posted 16 November 2009 - 01:04 AM

                Midnight24, I am in the same boat. I'm not really sure about the AHR yet but I am pretty sure it will be pretty casual and not really wedding-y so I don't think guests will feel too put out if we do end up having an AHR. Or I hope not!

                I just a link to our website which we'll update with AHR info if we decide to do it.

                #18 midnight24

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                  Posted 16 November 2009 - 01:40 AM

                  well we ended up deciding on having an AHR as well and when i sent out the STD last month i put please 'reserve the dates' with the info the for wedding ceremony in mexico and the wedding reception back home. i figured people can decide if they can come to both or one or the other. either way...we are going to mexico to get married and doing what we want...if others join us...awesome...if they don't...too bad for them they are gonna miss a good time...haha. i think that's a good attitude to have for DW.

                  #19 Thisisit2011

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                    Posted 11 July 2010 - 11:12 PM

                    This thread has been inactive lately but wondering if anyone's still struggling with this topic? Does anyone have examples of how they announced the AHR on their STD?
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                    #20 carolina24

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                      Posted 12 July 2010 - 12:02 PM

                      we actually didn't include any info about the AHR on the STDs, invitations, or website because we are only having the AHR specifically for the people we couldn't invite to the wedding; those invited to the wedding won't be invited to the AHR even if they don't come to mexico...i didn't see the point of having a DW and an AHR for everyone b/c it would just cause twice the money. now that it's getting so close, im not sure we'll even do the AHR, i'm stressed enough with the actual wedding!!

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